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First Week of 2019 in Review – Joe Connector

First Week of 2019 in Review – Joe Connector

The first week of 2019 is not quite over for Joe Connector, but since it is Monday morning, it seems like a good time to review the past week. Many good things are happening and I’m extremely excited about all the great possibilities for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Joe Connector's Week in Review

During the first week of the year I have started making some changes – creating new habits and changing some of those from the past year (plus). One of the best things that I’ve enjoyed about this past week is that I have begun to carve out more time for writing – although still not nearly enough. It does seem that when things get a little crazy and life happens, that time to write is the first thing to disappear – or get ignored.

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Ramez Baassiri 4 Ways Businesses Can Survive Disruptions

Ramez Baassiri 4 Ways Businesses Can Survive Disruptions

Interrupted Entrepreneurship by Ramez Baassiri According to Ramez Baassiri Business plans – like all plans – can go awry when events beyond the control of the business owner disrupt the everyday routine. Such disruptions could be because of a dip in the economy, a natural disaster that creates havoc, a shift in the public’s buying… Continue Reading

Jumping The Queue: 4 Tips For Achieving Success Without Waiting Your Turn

Author of Jumping the Queue Shares Ideas to Leap Ahead Start Jumping the Queue and forget the time-honored tradition that younger workers need to “pay their dues” before moving up the ladder of success. These days many young people see no need to wait their turn – and their refusal to patiently stand in line… Continue Reading

You Are What You Eat, Dude! by Max Sturman

You Are What You Eat, Dude! by Max Sturman

I never did get me meet Mr. Max Sturman who was obviously a promoter of good health and nutrition – although I have been in contact with his son Andy who actually lives less than a couple of blocks away from me here in sunny San Diego. Max wrote many books on the subject of… Continue Reading

Sales Expert Craig Lowder: Top 12 Reasons Why Sales Don’t Grow

Craig Lowder Write New Book to Help Companies Break Sales Barriers Oceanside’s Craig Lowder spreads the message that “Selling is a science that must be artfully executed” to companies with stalled growth. “Like any other science, there are scientific sales principles to follow,” says Lowder, author of the new book: “Smooth Selling Forever: Charting Your… Continue Reading

Experienced Mercer Island Entrepreneur Shares Keys to Success in Business and in Life

Jim Hirshfield brings more than 30 years of prosperous entrepreneurial experience to his new self-help book “Fortune and Freedom: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success.” Any budding entrepreneur with questions about a business dilemma or how to balance personal and business life will find some tried-and-true, applicable wisdom in Jim Hirshfield’s new book, “Fortune and Freedom:… Continue Reading

Invent Your Future: The Path To Personal Insight Is Where Confidence And Success Begin

Long Beach, CA, March, 2016 – Executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs, Paul David Walker’s coaching style is inimitable! By first discovering the unique talents of leaders, he then creates a strategic plan to help them meet their goals in ways that feel natural. His leadership coaching has helped create visionaries, and he shares many… Continue Reading

New Book Shows Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners How to Use Social Media to Grow Their Businesses

PALMYRA, Va., March 15, 2016 – The road to successful business communication has changed under the feet of once successful baby boomers who now find that they are struggling to make sense of this new digital era. In her new book, The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing, entrepreneur Kalynn Amadio shows the more than seven… Continue Reading