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Saturday Night Gratitude

Saturday Night Gratitude

So many things to be grateful for tonight! Here are just a few:

  1. A ‘typical’ San Diego day, about 75 and clear at the beach here in Del Mar. The water is still a little foamy from the longest red tide I ever remember, but the foam gave 3 year old Ava Kalea a lot of entertainment.
  2. More time with my wife and Ava Kalea. And I just realized that I need to once again separate Ava’s website from this one – and update it with some current photos.
  3. Spending more time practicing daily meditation. This is perhaps my most important personal development goal for this ‘pandemic’ or government shut down. If you practice meditation, I’d love to hear from you about what type of meditation you are doing and how it works in your life.
  4. Getting closer to deciding my professional future. I can just feel that I will soon be manifesting a spiritually and financially rewarding event and/or process that will afford me the chance to invest my time, effort, concentration and soul.
  5. Writing. And Being Grateful. I am extremely grateful that I have the freedom of choice. I choose to write daily, with gratitude!

Those are some of the things that I am grateful for tonight – what are YOU grateful for?

Self Quarantine Is My Usual Routine

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YouTube viewership skyrockets! Is YOUR Business Getting Seen?

YouTube viewership skyrockets! Is YOUR Business Getting Seen?

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Stacia Kennedy in NW Asian Weekly Mother’s Day Article

Stacia Kennedy in NW Asian Weekly Mother’s Day Article

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