Covid19 – Is This About a Virus or Something Else?

There is not a person alive today who has not been affected by the Global Pandemic known as Corona or COVID-19. Most of us have had our entire lives thrown upside down – lost our jobs, forced to stay home, forced to wear masks, watched as rioters and looters burn our cities and attempt to […]

Joe Abs New Nutritional Formulations

I’m super excited to be working on some great new nutritional supplements that are going to be ultra health supplements that you are going to want to take every day. Even though I have not been able to get into my typical workouts since a crazy auto accident last October, I am still very much […]

Is QAnon Really a “Far Right Wing Conspiracy Theory”?

More than one of my close friends call me a Conspiracy Theorist, so I guess that it is fitting that I’ve spent some time during the Global Plandemic learning about QAnon. If you search for or just happen upon one of the many YouTube channels covering the Q phenomenon, you will be greeted with the […]

A Writer Writes.

It’s been a long time since I’ve really considered myself a writer. Before I used to publish business newspapers like The Valley Business Journal, Bellevue Business Journal and Eastside Business Journal, I sort of fancied myself as a “freelance journalist” and would write articles and papers on subjects of business and/or personal interests.

Ava Kalea and Good News Uninc Websites

More good news from the plandemic: I’ve separated more websites out from – including Ava Kalea Kennedy’s site at and the Good News Uninc site at Not sure what this means yet, but I have been guided to make this happen. I’m fairly certain that there is a going to be A […]

Monday Morning Gratitude

This morning I have so many things to be grateful for including over 20,000 contacts on LinkedIn, Headspace, Abraham Hicks, Elon Musk and the excitement of the coming week. I feel very grateful that yesterday, I reached over 20,000 contacts on LinkedIn, which is owned by the Mighty Microsoft. I have invested a lot of […]

Sunday Morning Gratitude

“A head full of fears has no space for dreams.” This Sunday morning I am grateful for so many things. I am truly blessed and highly favored. I am in awe of how great a manifestor that I have become – and work to continually improve in this area. I truly #manifestlikeamonster. I am always […]

TGIF – May 15, 2020 A Day Like Any Other Day

Thank God it’s Friday! That used to be the cheer of the 9-5 workforce … before Covid-19, the Great Pandemic (Plandemic?) and the Quarantine or Stay at Home Orders. After almost two months of being locked down, many of us have forgotten what day of the week it is. But indeed, it is Friday. And […]

Majorly Awesome Monday!

Good Monday morning from Del Mar California! It’s a great day and going to be a most excellent week. I’d love to hear what’s good in your world … One of the best things of my day, is going to be finally being allowed to go to walk on the beach. Despite the fact that […]

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