• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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It’s been a long time since I’ve really considered myself a writer. Before I used to publish business newspapers like The Valley Business Journal, Bellevue Business Journal and Eastside Business Journal, I sort of fancied myself as a “freelance journalist” and would write articles and papers on subjects of business and/or personal interests.

Since declaring print dead and ceasing physical publication of my last newspapers almost 10 years ago, I have nursed along a handful of news/websites, sometimes getting frustrated and combining them all into one. I’ve posted A LOT of articles – many of them press releases sent by Public Relations firms. Some of them have received a lot of traction and attention – many have led to stories at bigger venues.

But the thing that I’ve been missing is the writing. I really love to write. Not sure that I’m any good at it any more, but people used to tell me that I could write to explain almost anything to anyone. One of my goals for this “Covid-19” quarantine and stay at home order here in California, is to get back to writing each and every day.

At this point, there are so many different things that I really want to write about – including the Global Pandemic (Plandemic?) of 2020, the George Floyd killing and the protests, looting and rioting that have followed. I’ll be wanting to write about the return of Corona virus (or not) after things had finally started opening up again. I’ll want to write about my opinions of current politics – even though my opinions may piss some people off. Of course I will want to write about my daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy and Ava Kalea. I’ll be writing about life in San Diego, where things are fairly easy and we have a life I am extremely grateful for.

I’ll also be writing about the progress I’ve been making with some of my other goals, including incorporating daily meditation practice, beginning to home school our 3 year old, trying to find a role as a Salesforce Administrator and finally starting a home based business that I can operate from anywhere.