Eastside Business Now Part of JoeKennedy.biz

As the first part of Phase 1 of my web experiment, I have imported the content from Eastside Business to this site Joe Kennedy.biz.

Eastside Business Monthly

When I first started printing Bellevue Business Journal newspaper in February 2005, it was really meant to be simply a local real estate newsletter and a way to reach real estate clients and potential clients.  Since Bellevue, Washington was just beginning to start a huge real estate boom – it just kind of took off.  More and more people wanted to be involved and the entire business kind of sucked me in again (I had previous owned and published The Valley Business Journal in Temecula, California).

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Moving to SiteGround from HostGator: JoeKennedy.biz

Yesterday, I moved this site from hosting with Hostgator to more reliable webhosting with SiteGround.  I wrote an entire post about it, but apparently that was before the new settings could propagate, so that post is stuck with the old files and not worth the hassle of recovering.

Web Hosting

SiteGround has proven to be a much more reliable hosting company for my other sites – and their service is 2nd to none!  I really like that I can chat with someone in their tech department 24/7 and they are always so cheerfully helpful.  They know their sh*t!

This is my first post here at JoeKennedy.biz using the new Gutenberg editor.  It seems like it is a lot like the Headway theme that I’ve been using on many of my sites for years – so I’m kind of excited about it.

I’m also excited about my new mission to combine all of my many websites into just one site – THIS site.  It seems like it could become just a very jumbled mess, but I am thinking and hoping that it will allow me to begin focusing on just one web property to worry about.  Fewer emails and notifications to deal with for sure.

Lots of different topics and domains to integrate, but it will be a challenge to do it with some kind of clarity and I am looking forward to it.  As I tried to explain to my wife, having so many different websites to work on and maintain often seems impossible and causes paralysis.  Having one main website and internet property to play with will make it more fun – and I’m sure that I will be much better at creating new and interesting content.  

I hope you will follow along.

Eastside Business is Now on SiteGround Webhosting

Eastside Business and EastsideBusiness.com is now being hosted by SiteGround web hosting.

We were with Hostgator for many years, but they really let us down.

With SiteGround we can better serve all the clients of Virtually Famous Marketing and readers of Local Business Scoop, Bellevue Business Journal. Eastside Business Journal and Eastside Business.

Thank you very much for visiting Eastside Business.

There’s Still Time: Farmers and Ranchers Should Respond to Agriculture Census

2017 US Agriculture CensusAll US Farmers and Ranchers Encouraged to Participate in Agriculture Census

Agriculture Census. There’s still time. To ensure an accurate representation of the agriculture industry in this country, the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service has extended their 2017 Census of Agriculture response deadline through spring, and the Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural (RC) is calling on all farmers and ranchers to participate. Continue reading “There’s Still Time: Farmers and Ranchers Should Respond to Agriculture Census”

WhyteSpyder Opens Production Studio for Mass Content

WhyteSpyder logoMore Help is on the Way from WhyteSpyder

Fayetteville, Arkansas – based WhyteSpyder announced today the launch of a new content production studio which will expand and accelerate creation of photography, video and written content for products online. The studio satisfies accelerating demands from retailers and manufacturers for high volume content production that is efficient, scalable and affordable through optimized processes and technology.

“The studio is specifically designed for high input, high output volume of items with quick turnaround for retailers and manufacturers with hundreds and thousands of items,” said Eric Howerton, Chief Executive Officer at WhyteSpyder. Continue reading “WhyteSpyder Opens Production Studio for Mass Content”

Turn Stress to Your Advantage

Become The Master of Your Stress with 3 Tips from Laurie J. Cameron

The body’s response to stress – rapid heartbeat and breathing, narrowed vision, and a jolt of adrenaline – is an evolutionary adaptation designed to mobilize us to action. “When you have a client deadline, an exam the next day, or a ski race to win, this physiological response can give you the energy and focus to excel,” Laurie says. “Unfortunately, much of the time the patterns in our mind impact how we interpret the events in our lives. We assign meaning to deadlines, exams, and other people’s behaviors that tank our ability to perform.”  Continue reading “Turn Stress to Your Advantage”

Hiring Older Employees is Smart Decision: Top 3 Reasons

Andrew Simon Simon Associate Management ConsultantsAndrew Simon Shows Employers How They Are Missing The Boat on Hiring

In the 2015 movie The Intern, Robert DeNiro starred as a 70-year-old widower who returns to the workforce as an under-appreciated and seemingly out-of-step intern working for a young boss played by Anne Hathaway.

Initially, Hathaway’s character can’t quite relate to this baby boomer who ditched retirement out of boredom, but by the film’s finale she comes to appreciate his skills and experience. Continue reading “Hiring Older Employees is Smart Decision: Top 3 Reasons”

Helsinki Airport Goes Solar Energy

Finavia, the operator of Helsinki Airport, has decided to speed up its ambitious climate programme. The aim of the programme is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the operations of all of the company’s 21 airports to zero by 2020. Through its airport network, Finavia is a key party to the commitment of European airport companies to have 100 carbon-neutral airports in Europe by 2030.

At Helsinki Airport, this goal will already be reached in 2017, when the largest airport solar power plant in the Nordic countries is opened at the airport, and when airport buses start using renewable fuels.  

Finavia also encourages its stakeholders to give feedback on the company´s sustainability actions. Continue reading “Helsinki Airport Goes Solar Energy”

Sounders Sell-Out? Pendleton Midnight Named the Official Whisky of Seattle Sounders FC

Seattle Sounders Sell Out to Pendleton WhiskeySeattle Sounders Sell-Out to Oregon Liquor Company

I guess Paul Allen and the Sounders need the money?  Or they just want to make sure their young fans know how healthy it is to drink liquor?  Hood River Distillers, Inc., the largest and oldest importer, distiller, producer and bottler of distilled spirits in the Northwest, announced that Pendleton Midnight, its super-premium, blended Canadian whisky, will be named the Official Whisky of Seattle Sounders FC, the defending Major League Soccer (MLS) champions.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with the Seattle Sounders this year,” said Keri Eliason, Brand Manager for Pendleton Midnight. “This organization – including the team and their fans – represents hard work, good sportsmanship and strong comradery, something we greatly value at Hood River Distillers.” Continue reading “Sounders Sell-Out? Pendleton Midnight Named the Official Whisky of Seattle Sounders FC”

America’s Car Museum Shifts into Fifth Year

America's Car MuseumIt’s five years and counting for America’s Car Museum (ACM), as the sprawling four-story, 165,000-sq.-ft. facility located in the heart of Tacoma, Washington’s Museum District prepares to celebrate its fifth anniversary at the Wheels & Heels Annual Gala, taking place June 3.

Since opening its doors on June 2, 2012, ACM has become a world-class attraction, hosted visitors from all 50 states and 47 countries, housed 815 vehicles (including cars, motorcycles and boats) and conducted over 600 museum tours. In 2016, ACM became a part of America’s Automotive Trust, a not-for-profit aimed at securing a vibrant future for the collector car industry and honoring America’s motoring legacy for generations to come. Continue reading “America’s Car Museum Shifts into Fifth Year”