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Joe’s Goals March 19, 2019

Yesterday instead of simply reviewing my goals, I wrote them out – twice – in Word format. This morning when I started to do the same thing, I thought “why don’t I write out my goals each day on a separate webpage?” – so that is exactly what I am going to do!

Today is Tuesday and it is 3:47 am. I am so thankful for health and vitality and the ability to make conscious choice. It makes me feel good to be “up and at ’em” before almost everyone (although I did hear a couple of late night partiers talking a few minutes ago). Today is a great day and I am going to do what I can do to make it better.

Here are my goals so that anyone and everyone can know them and help me achieve them, but more importantly so that they become etched in my brain and I can think about them through this great day:

  • Create Joe Abs 8 Pack Guide in March 2019 (that’s this month and I better get going)
  • Create the Joe Abs Live-It in April 2019
  • Buy, own and drive a gray Tesla Model S, P90D w sunroof
  • Build an online income of $10k + per month.
  • Find and buy a house to live in – close to the ocean, with enough room for an office and a guest suite. With a large patio and pool to workout by.
  • Read and/or listen to two books a week.
  • BeachBody workouts daily. Hard. Leave nothing on the table.
  • Eat the right way – the way I know how. Clean eating LiveIt.
  • Pay off credit cards by April 2019.
  • Flip two houses in San Diego County in 2019
  • Get Ava Kalea into Mandarin immersion program for Fall2019
  • Long ski weekends in March and April
  • Become a Diamond BeachBody Coach by helping at least 8 people a month reach their physical and financial goals in 2019.
  • Earn my way to attend BeachBody Summit in July in Indianapolis, Take 10 coaches with me.
  • Spend December 2019 in Hawaii
  • Spend March 2020 in SLC skiing
  • Complete Salesforce certification by May 1st. (Currently have NOT been working on this, as I’m not sure I want or need the distraction from my fitness / writing goals.
  • Review these goals at least twice daily.

Please note that I did not finish writing / copy ing this list until 4am on Thursday March 21. Each day I started out wanting to write around 3:45 am, but have been getting rides.

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Monday Gratitude January 28, 2019

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