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Month: May 2022

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Are You an Affiliate Marketer? Take this Quiz!

Affiliate Marketing is a business that saw a huge resurgence during the lockdowns of the last couple of years. Many people were out of work, stuck and home and looking…

Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day – very productive and somewhat lucky. Feeling good about the direction of many things in life. As I wrote about earlier in Monday Gratitude, I’m…

Lunch today

Sorry if anyone is actually seeing this, but I am testing out how to blog photos onto this site. Not sure I will be doing much of this, but think…

Post via email #2

Monday Morning Gratitude: Why I LOVE Mondays

Just like every single day I wake up on this side of the dirt, it is a GREAT day! I’m so happy to be alive – and super excited what…

First Blog Post Via Email