• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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Today Was a Good Day Joe Affiliate

Today was a good day – very productive and somewhat lucky. Feeling good about the direction of many things in life. As I wrote about earlier in Monday Gratitude, I’m working on transitioning this site to more positive work. Cannot let the fake news and our lying politicians continue to bring us down.

One thing that I did (finally) learn today is how to blog by email through WordPress.com. I tested it out a few times and it works great, although does not come up with a featured image to go with this current theme. I’m probably not going to use it here much any way, but think I will be using it A LOT soon at JoeAbs.com to photo blog everything I eat – I know it’s pretty boring and not very interesting to many, but it will help me keep on a healthier and more nutritious food (and drink) intake so that I will stick to feeling better and living with as much energy as possible. This is super important – especially when a guy my age has a 5 year old and a wife who is nearly 20 years younger than I … I NEED as much energy as possible …

Earlier in the day I mentioned the tech challenges I’d been facing. Two days ago I didn’t have a working computer. Today I am extremely thankful to have both a desktop and laptop that are working well. I’m especially looking forward to learning and earning more with affiliate marketing – so that I will be able to buy the best tools of the trade possible and not have to worry about older equipment breaking down. Super excited – and cannot wait.

I did do a bunch of affiliate training today for SEO Affiliate Domination and was also notified today that there is brand new training available. I feel fortunate that I do have a solid tech and web design background, so that much of the training is just review for me. I am most interested in techniques, tools and tips around strategies like Mass Page Sites … Just might be setting up my first one tomorrow morning.

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