Moving to SiteGround from HostGator:

Yesterday, I moved this site from hosting with Hostgator to more reliable webhosting with SiteGround.  I wrote an entire post about it, but apparently that was before the new settings could propagate, so that post is stuck with the old files and not worth the hassle of recovering.

Web Hosting

SiteGround has proven to be a much more reliable hosting company for my other sites – and their service is 2nd to none!  I really like that I can chat with someone in their tech department 24/7 and they are always so cheerfully helpful.  They know their sh*t!

This is my first post here at using the new Gutenberg editor.  It seems like it is a lot like the Headway theme that I’ve been using on many of my sites for years – so I’m kind of excited about it.

I’m also excited about my new mission to combine all of my many websites into just one site – THIS site.  It seems like it could become just a very jumbled mess, but I am thinking and hoping that it will allow me to begin focusing on just one web property to worry about.  Fewer emails and notifications to deal with for sure.

Lots of different topics and domains to integrate, but it will be a challenge to do it with some kind of clarity and I am looking forward to it.  As I tried to explain to my wife, having so many different websites to work on and maintain often seems impossible and causes paralysis.  Having one main website and internet property to play with will make it more fun – and I’m sure that I will be much better at creating new and interesting content.  

I hope you will follow along.

Happy Independence Day! Declare Independence from Host Gator

Declare Your Independence from HostgatorI’m Declaring Independence from HostGator

I just noticed that I have not posted on this site for well over a year.  Priorities – like being a Stay at Home Dad to the most awesome child actress Ava Kalea.  Yeah – important stuff – and super important to my design of an awesome lifestyle.

But I digress ….  Over the last week or so, I have received numerous notices from my website monitoring service that this site has not been loading …  What kind of crappy web host doesn’t load their client’s websites?  Hostgator.  Hostgator has proven to be one of the worst possible web hosts on the planet.  Earlier this year I moved most of my many websites to SiteGround for their award-winning webhosting.  Site Ground’s customer service is second to none and I’ve only had a positive experience with Site Ground web hosting.

If you still have a site, or sites (like me unfortunately) hosted by HostGator, I know you (and your website(s)) have been suffering.  I feel your pain.  I’ve had the same friggin stress and agony.  Continue reading “Happy Independence Day! Declare Independence from Host Gator”

Agent Hollywood Entertainment Picks SiteGround as Best Web Host

SiteGround Web and Agent Hollywood Entertainment present SiteGround web hosting as the best possible web host for their purposes.  SiteGround web hosting is affordable and has great customer service and nearly 100% uptime.

Using SiteGround as our webhost, will allow Agent Hollywood Entertainment to better represent our clients – including Ava Kalea KennedyJoe Abs, Joe Connector and Stacia Kennedy.

A New Day Real Estate Now Hosted by SiteGround

SiteGround Web HostingIt is with special pleasure that I get to announce that SiteGround is now the web host for A New Day Real Estate and

With SiteGround, A New Day Real Estate has a fully reliable web hosting service, with great customer service and really fair pricing.

A New Day Real Estate can now have a more reliable website for our clients, agents and brokers – and be a better real estate partner to our real estate websites including AAA Properties, Coastal Orange County LivingDel Mar VillasOne Paseo Real Estate, San Diego Real Estate and We Buy Fugly Houses.

SiteGround is the Web Host of Choice for AAA Properties of San Diego

SiteGround Web HostingAAA Properties San Diego and is now being hosted by SiteGround web hosting.

We were with Hostgator for many years, but they really let us down. Really let us – and our clients, down – as in our site was constantly down.  But not with SiteGround web hosting.

With SiteGround we can better serve all the clients of We Buy Fugly Houses, A New Day Real Estate, Del Mar Villas, One Paseo Real EstateSan Diego Real Estate and our other real estate businesses.

Thank you very much for visiting AAA Properties.

Eastside Business is Now on SiteGround Webhosting

Eastside Business and is now being hosted by SiteGround web hosting.

We were with Hostgator for many years, but they really let us down.

With SiteGround we can better serve all the clients of Virtually Famous Marketing and readers of Local Business Scoop, Bellevue Business Journal. Eastside Business Journal and Eastside Business.

Thank you very much for visiting Eastside Business.