T-Mobile-Nokia $3.5 Billion 5G Network Agreement

T-Mobile and Nokia announced on July 30,2018 a landmark $3.5 billion agreement to accelerate the deployment of a nationwide 5G network. Nokia will provide T-Mobile with its complete end-to-end 5G technology, software and services portfolio, assisting the Un-carrier in its efforts to bring its 5G network to market for customers in the critical first years of the 5G cycle.

T-MobileT-Mobile-Nokia $3.5 Billion 5G Network Agreement

“We are all in on 5G,” said Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer at T-Mobile. “Every dollar we spend is a 5G dollar, and our agreement with Nokia underscores the kind of investment we’re making to bring customers a mobile, nationwide 5G network. And together with Sprint, we’ll be able to do So. Much. More.”
As part of the agreement, Nokia will help build T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network with 600 MHz and 28 GHz millimeter wave 5G capabilities compliant with 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) standards. Continue reading “T-Mobile-Nokia $3.5 Billion 5G Network Agreement”

Illumina Reports Second Quarter Financial Results For Fiscal Year 2018


Illumina, Inc.  announced on July 30 its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018.

Illumina Reports Second Quarter Financial Results For Fiscal Year 2018

Second quarter 2018 results:

  • Revenue of $830 million, a 25% increase compared to $662 million in the second quarter of 2017
  • GAAP net income attributable to Illumina stockholders for the quarter of $209 million, or $1.41 per diluted share, compared to $128 million, or $0.87 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2017
  • Non-GAAP net income attributable to Illumina stockholders for the quarter of $212 million, or $1.43 per diluted share, compared to $121 million, or $0.82 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2017.
  • Cash flow from operations of $295 million compared to $178 million in the second quarter of 2017
  • Free cash flow (cash flow from operations less capital expenditures) of $218 million for the quarter, compared to $109 million in the second quarter of 2017

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Sagebrush Hospitality Can Save Vineyards

Sagebrush is a protective home for good bugs that help fight harmful pests on grape vines, according to new research from Washington State University scientists.

SagebrushSagebrush Hospitality Can Save Vineyards

This finding could be a huge benefit for local vineyards who want to manage pests and reduce their use of pesticides.
The work recently was published in the journal Insects.
“We’ve looked at about 120 native plants near vineyards over the last few years to see how attractive they are to different beneficial insects,” said WSU entomologist David James. “And sagebrush had the highest number of beneficial insects of any plant we’ve studied so far.”
The most common helpful insects were several species of parasitic wasps, tiny parasites that feed on pests that harm healthy wine grapes. One kind of parasitic wasp loves to feed on leafhoppers, a major pest for vineyards.
“The wasps don’t harm people or crops, and are often too small to even see,” said James, an associate professor with WSU Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center. “These aren’t yellow jackets, but they’re really helpful in combating pests.”
The entire team was surprised by how hospitable the sagebrush is to beneficial insects, he said. One reason was that the bugs don’t just live in the sagebrush when it’s flowering and has nectar in the autumn. The team found insects throughout the spring and summer as well.
“It’s a year-round benefit,” James said. “We suspect that’s because sagebrush is the dominant plant in much of the Inland Northwest, and beneficial insects have evolved to rely on it as a refuge from the heat or wind.”
James now recommends that vineyards leave sagebrush in as many areas as possible. More sagebrush nearby means more beneficial insects to feed on pest bugs and less need to apply pesticides.
James said he’s been asked if sagebrush attracts pest insects as well as the beneficial ones. Not an issue, he said.
“The parasitic wasps and other natural enemies seem to provide sagebrush with good protection from pests,” James said. “Sagebrush in eastern Washington appears to rarely suffer from pest damage. Given the likely long association between beneficial insects and sagebrush, this makes perfect sense.”
One problem is that sagebrush isn’t nearly as common as it once was, James said.
“Central Washington and Oregon used to be a virtual sea of sagebrush, but the ecosystem is threatened and fragmented now,” he said. “Everybody takes sagebrush for granted. It doesn’t necessarily look very nice, but it’s a valuable resource. And can be really useful in helping agriculture.”
James’ research has been supported by state and federal funding, as follows:

  • Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research(59-5358-1-429_FR_9-30-14) (Federal)
  • Washington State Grape and Wine Research Program (0524/3315) (State)
  • Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension (WSARE) (SW10-052) (Federal)

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Social Media Sharing Of Vacation Photos- Dangerous

Social media sharing while traveling can make that person a target of thieves, according to experts.

These days, many burglars use social media to find out if someone’s home is empty – and people tend to leave their homes empty especially during the summer vacation.

Social MediaSocial Media Sharing Of Vacation Photos-Dangerous

While social media users know they shouldn’t share their home address, current location or phone number on Facebook, many of them still share vacation photos or social plans. Information such as vacation photos or social plans look more innocent to share, and potential threats tend to be overlooked.

“Although it’s fun to post vacation photos and let everyone know you’re having a cocktail on a sunny beach, that sends a clear signal to burglars that your home is empty,” said Ruby Gonzalez, Communications Director of NordVPN. “Even the people who feel sufficiently educated about online privacy still reveal their personal details online. Millennials especially tend to post their travel plans as well as travel photos.” Continue reading “Social Media Sharing Of Vacation Photos- Dangerous”

Ray Ziganto Suggests Solution To U.S. Manufacturers

Ray Ziganto, a leading consultant to the tech and manufacturing industries, says the trade war intensifying between the United States and China should be seen as an opportunity for U.S. manufacturing companies, even though it’s created chaos in the marketplace.

 Ray ZigantoRay Ziganto Suggests Solution To U.S. Manufacturers

“If you engage with the market, and I mean the global market,” Ziganto says, “if you engage with the support groups, of which there are many fantastic organizations, in and around Chicago, that can help companies large and small, then you need to step up and get out of the damn bunker and get out there and roll up your sleeves and compete. You’re still in the game.
“I’ve been in this space for 30-plus years and if there was ever a moment for manufacturers to start talking to each other, and start collaborating, now is that moment,” insists Ziganto, who returned this week from a trip to China.
Ziganto, founder and CEO of Chicago-based Linara International, is available for media interviews to offer expert analysis about how President Trump’s tariffs on goods from China, and the intensifying trade war between the two countries, will affect various industries, specifically American manufacturers.
Ziganto has risen to become a leader in the field of helping companies adapt to technological and other changes, particularly in modern manufacturing. As Ziganto says, “where others see chaos, I see patterns and trends that lead to opportunity.”
On July 6, the U.S. imposed 25 percent tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods, including flash drives, remote controls and thermostats, from a list of $50 billion in products first proposed in April. China retaliated with tariffs on an equal value of U.S. goods, including soybeans, whiskey, cotton and automobiles.
The Trump administration also has unveiled a plan to add 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, including furniture, handbags, pet food, refrigerators, textiles and auto parts. These moves threaten to send up prices on consumer products and have created uncertainty in stock markets and elsewhere.
Yet, Ziganto says that while some companies have been caught off guard by the Trump Administration’s moves, others recognized these policy changes early on, and began preparing for them.
“This has been telegraphed for a while. The really progressive companies have been out there, they’ve been on the phone, working their networks and looking for alternatives. Why? Because you have to,” Ziganto says.
“There’s a history of companies playing their cards close to the vest and that’s a pretty sure recipe, in this environment, to run your company off the cliff. If you choose just to hunker down and think this will blow over and you won’t be impacted, you’re wrong.”
Ziganto conceded that anxiety and confusion is real, and it’s disrupting the traditional supply chain for everything from parts for medical devices to textiles to shoes to connectors. That’s driving up prices for U.S. consumers and diminishing the value of stolid publicly traded companies.
“And who are the investors in those companies? Everyone, really — insurance companies, traditional investors, so many individuals,” Ray Ziganto said. “So it’s in everybody’s best interest to find a way through this thing and make it an opportunity.”
Too many old-line, generational manufacturing companies have been slow to adjust to technological change and adapt to the modern, global market — and the trade war might prompt a new way of thinking, Ziganto believes.
“The more companies can get their heads around, well, if maybe we do business a little differently, and maybe if we reach out and see what technology might be there to help us, maybe we can get it to another level,” Ziganto says. “Things ain’t always gonna look the same way as when grandpa started the company.”
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Billboard Partners With Nissan Kicks for Hot 100 Music Fest.

Billboard, the world’s largest voice in music announced on July 17 they will be partnering with Nissan Kicks at the 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival taking place on August 18 and 19 at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater. The partnership will include an immersive in-vehicle experience for attendees plus a groundbreaking, collaborative special guest performance sponsored by Nissan Kicks.

BillboardBillboard Partners With Nissan Kicks for Hot 100 Music Fest.

The collaboration performance, taking place on Sunday evening, August 19 at the Main Stage, will be in partnership with Nissan Kicks. They will bring together an inspiring musician, who will be announced prior to the festival, and a groundbreaking visual artist to create a boundary pushing set at the festival inspired by Nissan Intelligent Mobility. The performance will be unlike anything seen before at the Hot 100 Festival, giving fans an unforgettable musical experience.

Throughout the weekend, an immersive in-vehicle experience will be set up for concertgoers in the General Admission area. The activation will tease the collaboration performance. The installation will surround fans with visuals from the upcoming set while the performing talent’s music plays. Continue reading “Billboard Partners With Nissan Kicks for Hot 100 Music Fest.”

ToyMakerz Created By Former Stuntman

ToyMakerz Created By Former Stuntman. People often find themselves in jobs where they know they don’t want to be for years to come. Yet many of those people are unsure what to do about it in order to move forward in the direction of a career of their dreams. For one former stuntman, he didn’t sit idly by and wish for a position he would be passionate about. Combining his passion for car shows that stemmed from his childhood with his ingenuity, he was able to take steps to create a career path that led to him having a hit television show building unique one-of-a-kind custom hot rods and cars for adults.

ToyMakerz ToyMakerz Created By Former Stuntman

“I had to realize that being a stuntman wasn’t a long-term career. It was too hard on my body,” says David Ankin, inventor and star of the hit show ToyMakerz. “I decided to turn my passion into a career that I could grow in and others could also enjoy. Creativity is something that helped me get started in this field and remains a constant. Now the challenge is constantly coming up with something new and unique.”

Ingenuity, which is having the ability to be clever, original, or inventive, is what has propelled Ankin to the top of his field. But it’s not something that came to him overnight. In fact, he has been on the path since he was a child. Growing up without a lot of money, he wasn’t able to go out and buy the latest toy or car. But he also didn’t want his vehicles to look just like everyone else’s. That motivated him to learn to build his own. With his father as his inspiration, he hung out at his shop and watched in awe at the things that his dad could do.

As a child, Ankin also spent a lot of time being dedicated to bike and car shows. In fact, his idea of a vacation was working late into the night for six weeks to get ready for a bike or car show, then traveling halfway across the country and meeting up with other fabricators. When he wasn’t doing that, he was struggling to get his car or bike ready to win a race. At the end of the day, the factors that really influenced him on his journey are the industry itself and all the people and fabricators who no one will ever meet.

Today, his ingenuity has led to his company, ToyMakerz, where the toys are made, and has also been turned into a hit television show, where people can tune in and see him work his magic. Here are 5 ways that ingenuity can help fuel your business:

  1. Gets you noticed. With your business being set apart by being original, it will help get you noticed. People have become immune to everything being the same and they crave things that are different or stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a restaurant, clothing line, or something else, being different will open the doors to a whole new audience.
  2. Helps with longevity. Those business leaders who are unique will be in a better position to roll with the punches. They don’t mind adapting and changing as the market demands. Rather than close up, they will be able to keep re-inventing themselves in order to keep thriving.
  3. Fuels decision making. Being able to come up with creative solutions to problems will help take a business to the next level. Those with ingenuity are not afraid to put their ideas out there, no matter how out of the box they may seem. Ultimately, that’s exactly what is needed to help grow their business.
  4. Offers drive. Business leaders with initiative have drive and determination. They are not afraid to take risks and they don’t wait around for someone else to make something happen. They come up with their own unique plans and put them in action to keep moving forward.
  5. Helps carve out opportunity. Whether fueled by your childhood passions or noticing what is missing in your city and wanting to make improvements, those with new ideas will create their own opportunity. They find a way to make things happen in the business world.

“The journey hasn’t been short or easy,” added Ankin. “It started as a childhood dream and has evolved over time. I happened to come across the right location to set up shop in Reidsville, NC, where the town and the people have been so supportive. Then, using ingenuity, I started assembling my team to help me grow my vision of ToyMakerz, and it’s still evolving today.”

ToyMakerz partnered with Source Digital to develop an app, which is helping fans connect with the show. Enhancing the viewer experience with new digital brand integrations, the ToyMakerz app lets fans connect with the cast, score exclusive deals on anything they see on the screen while they are watching the show live, and sharepictures of their own rides!

The ToyMakerz TV show, which is just weeks away from a major announcement, is currently re-airing episodes from season 2 On Demand on Velocity. ToyMakerz season one is also available on iTunes and Amazon. ToyMakerz is produced by Los Angeles based production company, Lucky13Cinematic. For more information about ToyMakerz, visit the site at: www.toymakerz.com.

FEMA Authorizes FMAG For Chelan Hills Fire

+FEMA Authorizes FMAG For Chelan Hills Fire. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has authorized the use of federal funds to help with firefighting costs for the Chelan Hills Fire burning in Douglas County, Washington.

FEMA FEMA Authorizes FMAG For Chelan Hills Fire.

The fire started on July 27, 2018, and at the time of the request had burned in excess of 1,200 acres of federal, state and private land. There were three other large fires burning uncontrolled within the State. The Chelan Hills Fire was threatening homes, local infrastructure, environmental resources and facilities in and around the communities of Chelan Hills and McNeil Canyon. Mandatory evacuations were issued.
FEMA Region 10 Administrator Mike O’Hare determined that the fire threatened such destruction as would constitute a major disaster. He approved the state of Washington’s request for a federal Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) at 12:17 a.m. PDT on Saturday, July 28.
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Microsoft Announced Redmond Campus Modernization Team

Microsoft Announced Redmond Campus Modernization Team of the consortium of architects and general contractors it has selected to work together to design and build almost 3 million square feet of new workspace on 72 acres of its campus. This is part of a multiyear campus modernization project announced in 2017, which will create new office space, public amenities and infrastructure.

MicrosoftMicrosoft Announced Redmond Campus Modernization Team

The team includes architecture firms LMN, NBBJ, WRNS Studio and ZGF Architects; general contractors Skanska, Balfour Beatty, GLY and Sellen; and lead landscape architect Berger Partnership with OLIN. Project management for the redevelopment was awarded to CBRE, JLL and OAC Services Inc.Construction of the new buildings is expected to commence later this year and be completed in 2022.
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Mayor Faulconer Sweeping Reforms in San Diego Public Utilities Department Following Independent Audits

Mayor Faulconer Pushing for Sweeping Reforms in San Diego Public Utilities Department Following Independent Audits. Analysis Finds Less Than One Percent of 2017 Bills Issued Incorrectly, but Changes Still Needed in Quality Control, Customer Service and Meter Reading Oversight

Mayor FaulconerMayor Faulconer Wants Sweeping Reforms in San Diego Public Utilities Department Following Independent Audits

Following a rise in complaints from customers about water bills, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer has directed staff to implement all of the recommendations from two separate independent audits of the City’s Public Utilities Department (PUD). The reports reached similar conclusions about the need for significant improvements and operational changes within the department.

The audits – one conducted by PDF icon independent City Auditor Eduardo Luna and the other by a PDF icon nationally recognized utility consulting firm – each identified that a 2017 increase in water bill questions were prompted by multiple converging factors, including higher water usage by customers after drought restrictions were lifted, scheduled water rate increases Continue reading “Mayor Faulconer Sweeping Reforms in San Diego Public Utilities Department Following Independent Audits”