Daily Workout: Friday December 14, 2018

Yesterday’s workout activity was decent, although not great.  The highlight was probably finishing the 3rd day in a row of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat from BeachBody on Demand.

I only did 35 minutes of cardio and logged in 17,987 steps in on my fitness tracker and the VeryFitPro app.  Didn’t really do a lot of other exercise.

Getting excited about going to Mammoth Mountain tomorrow.  Looks like it is going to be really nice skiing and riding.

Still the same, want to get in some good exercise today – probably won’t be on a cardio machine or lifting weights for the next 4 days or so (but I am sure my legs will be feeling it each and every day).

Joe Abs Daily Workout December 14 2018

Daily Workout: Thursday December 13, 2018

Yesterday was a good get back on track day – with both my workouts (activity) and nutrition.  I set a personal recent record for steps with 26,699 steps – although I only spent 33 minutes 33 seconds on the cardio machine.

Joe Abs Daily Workout December 13 2018

Perhaps the highlight was doing Day 2 of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat on BeachBody on Demand:  Stretch.  Each day I do yoga, I realize that I’m not nearly as limber nor in as good condition as I thought.  Yoga is really a good practice and I’m really enjoying it – although I do have to admit it is difficult to stay focused on it (or anything else) if the 2 year old Ava Kalea is “up and at em”.  She usually demands (and deserves) my attention.

Here’s my stats for the day:

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Daily Workout: Wednesday December 12, 2018

Some days I tank so bad, I just don’t want to document my workouts.  Wednesday was one of them.  I didn’t do a lot.  

3 Week Yoga Retreat BeachBody on Demand

I had a couple of good excuses.  1) It was my mom’s birthday.  Ok – she lives in Scottsdale and didn’t even answer her phone when I called – so it wasn’t a good excuse at all.  2) My friend from way back (Enatai elementary in Bellevue, Washington) Brook Lamkin and his wife Sharon drove down from their beach house in San Clemente.  That was a better excuse and it was great to get to spend time with them, but I wish I had been stronger and set a better example.

The best thing about my activity is that I started a “3 Week Yoga Retreat” on BeachBody on Demand.  The first session that I did was core and I felt it.  I haven’t done a lot of yoga in the past, but do want to do more and get better at it.  This was a decent start.

Joe Abs Daily Activity December 12 2018 VeryFitPro

Still the same, Wednesday was not nearly as good as my Daily Workout Tuesday December 11, 2018

Daily Workout: Tuesday December 11, 2018

Tuesday’s workout was better – much better. I got in over 22k steps and the following:

Joe Abs Daily Workout December 11 2018 Exercises

Crunches – 111
Pushups – 15, 16, 16, 15, 15, 16, 15 = 108
Mini Tramp Jumps – 121, 122, 125 = 368
Situps – 51, 40, 25, 26 = 142
Squats – 10, 11, 12, 10, 10, 10 = 63
Cardio – 68m

Did good on my nutrition …. until it got dark and I got tired ….  need to improve on this.  Note to self:  quit buying cookie dough “for Ava” …

Daily Workout: Monday December 10, 2018

Yesterday did not turn out to be much of a workout day for me.  It’s easy to make excuses, but it was just one of those days.  Got busy with Ava Kalea during the day and since the Seahawks were on Monday Night Football, I kind of let the day get away from me.

Daily Workout: Monday December 10, 2018 Joe Abs

The lone bright spot was that I did 66 minutes of cardio – but I still fell short of my 20k steps goal.  I got in 17,918 steps …

The worst part about the day besides not working out, was that I broke down and ate a bunch of cookies.  What was even worse was that I was the one who bought and baked the premade cookie dough …

I’ll just chalk that up as this week’s cheat day – and work a lot harder today.

Daily Workout: Sunday December 9, 2018

Yesterday was Day 2 in my quest to document my workouts and progress toward better fitness and health.  Simply writing things down helped allow me to beat the previous day’s numbers – substantially in many categories (although my fitness tracker had a different opinion and I didn’t reach my goal numbers of 20k steps a day).

Joe Abs Kennedy Very Fit Pro Activity December 9, 2018

Regardless of the fitness tracker numbers from the Very Fit Pro app, I felt much better about my workout – and my Live-It was better too.  After I got back from work in the morning, I cooked up a slow cooker with a variety of beans and black rice – and ate it several times during the day.  Once with chicken and a couple of times without.  I’m happy with that, as I work towards living on a more plant-based diet.

Here are the workout numbers for the day:

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Daily Workout: Saturday December 8, 2018

I really didn’t write down much of my workout yesterday, as I didn’t really plan on it being the first day of my new fitness documentation process.  That said, I did write down some of it on my white board and I will share the photo of that here – along with a screenshot from the Very Fit Pro app that I use with my fitness tracker and a course of me sweating (some of) my man boobs off after 60 minutes of cardio downstairs at the gym at our apartments.

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Documenting My Fitness Process

In an effort to expand the effectiveness of my workouts, nutrition and quest for optimal health – and a desire to increase the speed of which I get back to what I consider to be “fit” in my Fit to Fat to Fit old guy version ( #Fit2Fat2FitOldGuyVersion ), I am going to once again start documenting my workouts.  It is my intention to do this daily.  I will do this daily, because I am worth it.  My health is worth it.  And just as importantly, the people that I help through this process and my blogging, vlogging and other writing, are worth it.

Documenting My Fitness Process Joe Abs

I am interested in how this documenting process will affect my outcomes.  I already know what happens when I don’t document it.  I already know what happens when I don’t really have a plan.  Fortunately, I am (at times) an extremely self-motivated and disciplined individual, but unfortunately, easily get bored and that can lead to being unmotivated and undisciplined.  I believe that documenting what I am doing will help me come up with a better plan, stick to it and achieve better results.

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Fit to Fat to Fit (Old Guy Version) Fat DEXA Results

Fit to Fat to Fit FAT Joe Kennedy 100218Yesterday, I had another DEXA Body Composition Test at Body Comp here in San Diego.  It was more than a little embarrassing for me – but in a sick way, I earned the ‘results’.

For the past 100 or so days, I have been eating (mostly) like a freaking pig.  Instead of my usual (fairly) clean diet (I call it a Live-It), I’ve been consuming pizza, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pasta, and donuts. I even drank a couple of half racks of beer like the ‘good ole days’.  Between June 27th and October 2nd of this year (98 days), I gained 41.9 pounds – including 29.3 pounds of gross, ugly fat.

Not a pretty site – I didn’t enjoy it at all and feel like total crap because of it.  Not only have gained a belly, but also man-boobs I never thought that I would be cursed with.  My energy levels have tanked, I’m much more easily out of breath – and I even have to sit down to put my shoes on.  I only have one pair of shorts that fit me (they have an elastic band) – and no pants that do.  I’ve had to resort to wearing sweats on several occasions.  For me, there are a couple of things that hurt bad:  1) I hate having fat thighs that rub together when I walk (waddle) and 2) I’m fat enough that even my wife is grossed out.  Painful – and not necessarily in that order.  Here are the major differences in my DEXA results in less than 100 days:  Continue reading “Fit to Fat to Fit (Old Guy Version) Fat DEXA Results”

Fitness Genes: How to Submit DNA for a Fitness Genes DNA Test

Fitness Genes DNA Collection and Submission:  How To

I filmed this video about submitting DNA for a Fitness Genes DNA test about a month ago. This video shows how simple it is to provide a DNA sample for a Fitness Genes DNA test – it’s as easy as spitting into a collection tube and mailing it in!

What I didn’t realize is that it does take some time to complete the DNA sequencing – and the results do not come overnight.

I’m really excited to partner with Fitness Genes and write and vlog about my experience, using Fitness Genes technology to help with my workouts, nutrition and last leg of my old guy version of Fit to Fat to Fit.

Make sure to watch my next video where I talk about the results of my October 2nd DEXA, my Fitness Genes DNA results and how I am going to use them to get from Fat to Fit as an ‘old’ guy.