• Tue. May 21st, 2024

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Suffering from Distractions, BUT Good News … Guest Posts Now Accepted at Joe Connector

Free Guest Posts at Joe Connector

Hey y’all – I’ve been a little MIA lately – too much rideshare driving and a bunch of exploring the island. I’ve been not working a huge amount of hours driving for Lyft and Uber – but enough to make sure that I’ll be able to take delivery of my new 2022 Tesla Model Y if and when it is delivered (currently scheduled for between July 4th and August 8th). Many of those who know me, know that just over 8 years ago I made it a goal to somehow, some way, get a Tesla. It appears that I’m going to be able to make that happen and I’m Getting a Tesla! (so stoked).

This afternoon as I wait for my better half to finish her work so we can go to the beach, I started reading an article by a guy named Elvis at Listiller – a website that helps writers and bloggers get work, make money and find places to write guest posts. I signed up for Elvis’s site and have decided to turn JoeConnector.com into a site that takes guest posts – for FREE – and with no obligation (although links back into the Haole Man Ohana of web properties would totally be cool – and super appreciated. This seems like a simple, albeit time consuming way to help out my fellow writers and bloggers – and their businesses.

If you have a blog, business or affiliate program that you’d like to promote, please head over to Joe Connector, look for the submission page (I’ll get one written tonight) and submit your awesome blogs posts. Please be cool, write some original stuff that delivers the value that our valued readers seek and deserve. Total #awesomeness !!!

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