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The “New Normal” is Not Normal at All … Nor What You Are Being Led to Believe …

The “New Normal” is Not Normal at All … Nor What You Are Being Led to Believe …

New Normal Not What You Think

I just got an email from a person and company I really like and respect. In this email, this person refers to the “New Normal” – just as so many people and companies have been … I don’t buy into this “new normal” and don’t think it is anywhere near normal that people all over the world, especially here in the US are allowing themselves to be paralyzed with fear being pushed by media and politicians.

I don’t buy that the ‘new normal’ is wearing masks indoors or outside. I don’t buy that we will never be able to hug or shake hands again. I don’t buy that we won’t be able to attend movies, concerts, sporting events and more with crowds. I just don’t buy it – refuse to believe it and won’t stand for it.

Self Quarantine Is My Usual Routine

Self Quarantine has actually been my life on the regular.   Is it too soon to joke about that? Though on camera I look like a fool and super outgoing. In real life. I am low key.   If I didn’t have such an active little girl I would probably never leave the house.   I would also… Continue Reading

Be Obsessed About Your Business Like Madam CJ Walker

Hey there,  Are you enjoying a lot of your Netflix time lately?  I don’t usually watch a lot of movies but I was very interested when I came across the Netflix series called “Self Made”.    It’s about the life of America’s first empire-building, barrier-breaking, self made female millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker. You have to watch it!  A million dollars now… Continue Reading

Zillow ‘Uncertain’ of Real Estate’s New Future

Zillow ‘Uncertain’ of Real Estate’s New Future

Zillow Group Pauses Home Buying in Zillow Offers in Response to COVID-19 and Market Uncertainty More opportunities for real estate investors? Zillow, the Seattle-based company which swore it would never be in the real estate business is suspending their home buying in Zillow Offers. Zillow Group today announced it will ‘pause’ home buying in all… Continue Reading

Dentists and Dental Clinics in Bellevue to Be Contacted with Offering of Social Media Services: Who Will Get

Starting in the next few days, we will be sending out the following email to a growing list of dentists and dental clin in Bellevue, Washington.  Stacia would like to teach them the benefits of video marketing, specifically YouTube video marketing.  She is really good at coaching them along and in this project, we already have… Continue Reading

I’m Getting a Tesla Website Now at

Super stoked that I’m getting all of my websites  consolidated here at  Yesterday I imported Bellevue Business Journal content and today I imported my passion site – I’m Getting a Tesla.  This Tesla manifestation site I started in June 2014 – the day after Tesla at Bellevue Square in Bellevue Washington let me use… Continue Reading

7 Tips to Develop Your Leadership Skills

Dr. Alok Trivedi Offers Ideas to Enhance Leadership Skills By Dr. Alok Trivedi Whether you’re trying to climb the proverbial career ladder or digging your feet in as an entrepreneur with big visions, solid leadership skills are a must. The tactics of great leaders can be overwhelming for many to embody, but with hard work… Continue Reading