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Journal to Abundance: Day 2 Get into State

Write Yourself into a State of Awesomeness

Write Yourself into a State of AwesomenessI’ve been kind of slacking it the last few days – just been feeling a lot of pain from injuries suffered in a recent car accident.  Maybe this following exercise will be very tough for me – or maybe it will be exactly what I need.  I do know how important that ‘state’ is – one of my mentors, a guy named Tony Robbins, first taught me about state.

Get Into STATE!

Let’s get real baby. If you don’t FEEL the way you need to feel, daily, it’s going to be pretty hard to get the results you want in business OR life.

If you’re honest with yourself it will be one of the key reasons you don’t take the actions you know you should or COULD be taking in your business. It is also the reason a lot of the time you simply DON’T feel like it!

Resistance got you bound …
You’re tired …
You’re overwhelmed …!
You just don’t WANNA …!


The thing is … you SHOULD get to feel good, every day, but also? It’s irresponsible not to and you simply won’t be ABLE to live your purpose and achieve your goals if you don’t!

Rather than simply tell you how to use journaling to change your state, today I want to show you by sharing straight from my journal an example.

I journal like this every single day, even if I ALREADY feel motivated and switched on, filled with self-belief! It works even on the days when you feel completely blah, so imagine how powerful it is when you already have your head in the game!

Powerful “I am” and state changing statements such as these ones are amongst my favorite journaling tools, and I use them daily.

Here is my example:

“I am rich
I am a seriously wealthy woman
I am in fantastic fucking shape
I create my reality now
I am doing the work I was called to do
I am in my genius zone
I love my clients and my community
My community is my why, in a BIG way
I just want to inspire you to press play!
I have brilliant downloads and ideas daily
I make money from flow, with ease!
I am in fantastic shape
I love my life
I make an extra 100k this weekend cash received
My next big idea just flows and it is of MASSIVE value and service
I am in flow

Action: now it’s your turn. Write a full page of state changing exercises out, focusing on whatever comes to mind for you or feels important!
Here’s my assignment @CoachStaciaKennedy:
I live each day with energy and passion.
I do the things that most people won’t so I can have the things that most people can’t.
Thoughts become things, and I choose the good ones (credit Michael Dooley and TUT).
I live with appreciation.
I am the luckiest guy on the planet.
My family and friends are what is really important.
I always choose experiences over possessions.
I love teaching Ava Kalea to be friendly, outgoing and to always think of others.
Abundance is everywhere and it is our right to enjoy it.
I love to be outdoors – especially when close to the water or in the mountains.
I’m getting a Tesla (I always smile when I see a Tesla, think about Tesla  vehicles or get to talk about Tesla cars)
I am in excellent physical condition and am getting better all the time.
Each day in every way, I am getting better, better and better!
I am working to chisel out the best me I can be.
10,000 hours – they carry me.
66 days to create a habit.  What habit am I creating today? #1Habit
I love to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.
Eating right is fueling my body right.  My body is a Ferrari and needs the best fuel available.
I am an excellent writer.  Writing comes easy to me.  When I sit down to write, the words and ideas just flow in a completely easy to understand way.
My readers love to read what I write.  They don’t necessarily agree with what I write, but they do love reading it and always ask for more.
I am a technology expert and like to share my knowledge and help others with technology issues whenever appropriate.
I love promoting other businesses and helping them get more customers and a lot more sales.
I love people from all walks of life.  There is something to learn from everyone and in every situation.
Life is good and getting better every day.
So many good things are happening and I’m excited about the future.
It’s so much fun to plan our future travels from skiing to beaches all over the world.
I’m so lucky to be married to the girl of my dreams and make sure she hears that all the time.
How lucky am I to have a beautiful woman to buy flowers for whenever I want?
Money just keeps on rolling in from unexpected sources all the time.
We have plenty of money to do anything we want to do.  Money is never an issue in our priorities.
The more that I wrote in this exercise, the more that I really like my idea about recording customized affirmations for people.  Need to think more about this very soon …  Could very well go along with the jumping for health tour.