• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

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YouTube viewership skyrockets! Is YOUR Business Getting Seen?

Stacia Kennedy YouTube banner comparison

Do you have a YouTube Channel Setup for your business? Do you need a new YouTube Channel Banner but you don’t have a clue about designing one?   This is the time to get started and share your message and help more people! As you can imagine views have skyrocketed during this time.  Don’t let the HOW stop you from starting your channel. My team and I created a new one for a client of ours.  

Publisher’s Note: This post is today’s Stacia ‘Chop’ Kennedy email blast that goes to her email list of clients. I hope that you get some value and ideas from it.

Stacia Kennedy YouTube banner comparison

Her banner wasn’t bad but she just got new photos and needed a little updating and I am sure you might be saying I need one too. 

So, I filmed a quick video for you with some tips about how I go about designing one. 

Watch it here 

If you would like me to just do it for you. I am giving away for the next 4 people a screaming deal. 50% off just use the code: youtube50 

Purchase Your Banner Here 

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P.S. If you are completely new and want to do a live session on zoom with me where I will setup your channel from start to finish and get a FREE YouTube banner.

I will be creating a small mastermind work-sessh for 10 people.

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