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First Week of 2019 in Review – Joe Connector

Week in Review Joe Connector

The first week of 2019 is not quite over for Joe Connector, but since it is Monday morning, it seems like a good time to review the past week. Many good things are happening and I’m extremely excited about all the great possibilities for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Joe Connector's Week in Review

During the first week of the year I have started making some changes – creating new habits and changing some of those from the past year (plus). One of the best things that I’ve enjoyed about this past week is that I have begun to carve out more time for writing – although still not nearly enough. It does seem that when things get a little crazy and life happens, that time to write is the first thing to disappear – or get ignored.

One of the most important things that I did get to write and have reviewed several times are Joe Connector’s Goals. (isn’t it weird how I write about my made up persona in the third person?) My plan is to consciously spend more time with my goals – reviewing and rewriting constantly.

During the first week of 2019, I chose not to work very much – at least not driving ride share for Lyft or Uber, and as such I did not make much money. I was ok with that because it seemed to be pretty slow with the ‘holiday hangover’. Not sure if it was fewer people using ride share, or if there were more drivers looking to make money around the holiday season – but it has been an annual trend.

Although one of my main goals for 2019 is to generate an online income so that I do not have to drive people around to make money and I am tired of getting up at 3:25 am every morning, I found that in some strange way that I missed it. Not so much driving, as getting up before anyone else (at least in our house) and getting a jump on the day. The biggest thing that I really missed about it was being able to listen to audio books on my return trips from the airport – which is probably one reason that I’ve returned to the 3:25am habit the last couple of days.

I’m thinking that for now, I will be ok with getting up early and taking a couple of trips to the airport each day. That way I will be up and at ’em, make a few bucks and be back home to write by 6 or 6:30 like this morning. Then I can write for an hour or so, right before my morning workout.

One of the best habits that I’ve begun to create is to do at home BeachBody workouts every single morning. My goal before signing up to be a BeachBody Coach again is to do BeachBody workouts every single day in January – as well as make and post videos of the entire process. A bonus is that my wife Stacia has joined me for the last couple of workouts. It really makes me happy when she chooses to do things to take care of herself – but at the same time, I have to realize that I have no control over those choices.

I realize that there will need to be some adjustments and big improvements in this process over the coming days, weeks and months – but that I need to start somewhere to learn where I need to improve – and how to. One example is that I’ve had to overcome some technical issues with getting my audio and video to synch up – so I learned about the HandBrake app …

Some observers might think that it is amusing that I have created a “fitness persona” for myself named Joe Abs and I post at JoeAbs.com (which is now a part of this site, JoeKennedy.biz). Joe Abs is really just part of what (who?) I want to become – someone with great physical and mental discipline who gets into and stays in great physical condition and optimal health – and helps others do the same.

The goals of writing every day, helping others create healthier lives and to create an online income all have led me to the challenge that I am presenting to myself right now: Write the Joe Abs 8 Pack Guide before the end of January and create the Joe Abs Live-It during February. I will add both these projects to my goals right now and start on the 8 Pack Guide either tomorrow or later today.

As last notes of review of the last week, Stacia and I did decide not to put Ava Kalea into pre-school until the fall – and we did lose a substantial deposit because of it. It was my wanting to do the best for her that led to the deposit and I still think that it will be invaluable for her to learn both Spanish and Mandarin, but my mom told me a story about having to take my younger brother out of pre-school after a short time because of money challenges. Stacia and I were already stressing about the changes we’d need to make to pay for Ava’s preschool and in the end, decided that it will be better to wait until we can be better prepared for the big expense. (I’m also very happy that I still get to be with her during the days – I’m so lucky!)

Right now I am ‘reading’ or listening to the audible version of Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. It is funny / hurtful that I am listening to a section talking about doing one thing at a time – while I am writing … Which makes me KNOW that I will need to spend the time to actually read the book as well after I am done listening to it once, twice or thrice.

Another book that I have started is called the Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt. Focus has long been a big challenge for me and I am determined to consciously create a new positive habit of laser-like focus during 2019.

So much more to write, but my hour is up and I’m on to Joe Abs BeachBody Workout for January 7, 2019. Which program should I do today?