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Ava Kalea Kennedy Makes Appearance at 33 Week Ultrasound

Ava Kalea Kennedy 072916Ava Kalea Kennedy Plays Shy During Ultrasound

We got to see an appearance by Ava Kalea Kennedy today at Stacia’s 33 week ultrasound.  She was a little shy and covering part of her face with her hand, but to me she looks just like her mom.  There’s no denying those big, fat lips …

Makaya got to go today and showed us a photo of Buddha on his phone while saying “tell me she doesn’t look like this”.  Not sure about that, but do know that the Ultrasound Tech did say that she already has lots of hair.  If I remember right, her sister Jackie didn’t have much hair until after her first birthday … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: What’s It Going to Be Like Being an Old Dad?

Joe Kennedy Going To Enjoy Being an Old Dad So fun to get to write about being an old dad – and to use my name in the 3rd person …  I was going to write about popular daddy blogs today, but feel like I want to get this topic started – as there could… Continue Reading

Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue Opens Lake Hills Medical Clinic

Community Invited to Meet Provider Team at Aug. 6 Lake Hills Medical Clinic Open House  Overlake Medical Center invites members of Lake Hills’ community and area residents to an open house at its new Lake Hills Medical clinic, Aug. 6, from 9 am – noon. The center is located at 619 156th Ave. SE. With… Continue Reading

Daddy Blogger Survey for Daddy Bloggers – and Mommy Bloggers Too!

Daddy Blogger Survey to Help Publicize Daddy Bloggers Around the World: Hey Daddy Bloggers (and Mommy Bloggers too!) – take the Daddy Blogger Survey.  I want to know more about YOU, so that I can help promote you and your blog!  If you take a few minutes to send me answers to the following questions, I… Continue Reading

Healthy Natural Baby Food in the Blender

A Good Blender Makes it Easy to Make Healthy Natural Baby Food Healthy natural baby food can easily be made at home in a variety of ways.  Making your own healthy natural baby food will allow you to make sure that you are feeding your baby with healthy foods that are good for your baby… Continue Reading

Sprint Unveils Second TV Ad Starring Paul Marcarelli, the Actor Who Used to Ask If You Could Hear Me Now for Verizon

Sprint spot with Paul Marcarelli former Verizon pitchman airs tonight, promotes improved network reliability and value compared to other wireless carriers Paul Marcarelli Ads proclaim: Don’t let a 1% difference in network reliability cost you twice as much; leave your expensive carrier and save 50% on most Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile rate plans  Sprint today… Continue Reading

Bellevue's Outerwall to Be Acquired, Return to Private Ownership

OUTERWALL ENTERS INTO DEFINITIVE MERGER AGREEMENT TO BE ACQUIRED BY CERTAIN FUNDS MANAGED BY AFFILIATES OF APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT FOR $52.00 PER SHARE IN CASH Transaction Valued at Approximately $1.6 Billion Outerwall Board of Directors Declares $0.60 Quarterly Dividend Bellevue-based Outerwall Inc. has announced that it has entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with affiliates… Continue Reading

Words of Wisdom from Wayne Dyer

Remembering Wayne Dyer and (Finally) Taking His Advice Last night in the dark, I was reminded of some words of wisdom from the late, great, Dr. Wayne Dyer. You see, I was stumbling over newly place furniture in the dark and ended up stepping on (and breaking) a glass picture frame.  In the frame was… Continue Reading

You Can Make Excuses or Create Results

Do YOU Want to Make Excuses or Create Results? Which is Better for Your Family? There are a lot of great quotes out there along the lines of ‘You Can Make Excuses or Create Results”.  Some might say that we are always seeing results – just not always the results that we ‘dream of’, ‘want’… Continue Reading

Planetary Resources and the Government of Luxembourg Partner to Advance the Space Resource Industry

Planetary Resources establishing European headquarters in Luxembourg Planetary Resources, Inc., the asteroid mining company, has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the banking institution Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement (SNCI).  This partnership with Luxembourg’s initiative will advance technologies and lines… Continue Reading