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Daddy Blogger Survey for Daddy Bloggers – and Mommy Bloggers Too!

Daddy Blogger SurveyDaddy Blogger Survey to Help Publicize Daddy Bloggers Around the World:

Hey Daddy Bloggers (and Mommy Bloggers too!) – take the Daddy Blogger Survey.  I want to know more about YOU, so that I can help promote you and your blog!  If you take a few minutes to send me answers to the following questions, I will publish it in a separate blog post and add a link to your blog on the links page here at Daddy Blogger World.  It shouldn’t take long and will get you at least one link back to your blog – and I’ll probably even comment on a post or two on your site.  You might even get the chance to be interviewed via Skype for a future Daddy Blogger Podcast or feature here on the site. Continue Reading