Mandarin and Spanish Teachers Wanted for a 2 Year Old in San Diego

Seeking Mandarin and Spanish Speakers Wanted in San Diego to Teach Toddlers Another Language

Mandarin Teachers Wanted in San DiegoI haven’t even been a stay at home dad for a full year yet, but I have definitely realized some limitations I have in teaching my daughter Ava Kalea all that I want.  In addition to learning the English language, I really want her to learn other languages – including both Spanish and Mandarin.  She’s been doing reasonably well at learning all three languages, mostly with the help of some good content on YouTube.  That said, I know I’m going to need some help – and fast.  As she gets older, she is getting more picky about what she is willing to watch or consume.  Now is the time I need to get her exposed to real, live, native Mandarin and Spanish speakers.

I’ve seen some language tutors advertised on Craigslist, but they all want a fortune.  Initially, I’m just looking for native speakers to spend a few hours each week speaking to / with Ava Kalea.  Classes or a school could work – if it is affordable for a budget-conscious dad …  Otherwise, I’ve been considering contracting with and hiring out native Spanish and native Mandarin speakers to other parents who want their children to learn another language.  I could maybe even host some Meet-Ups or classes here at our apartment in Del Mar or somewhere close by.

My research is just getting going, my today I was real excited to find a Mandarin Chinese school with classes in both La Jolla and Sorrento Valley.  The school is called the San Diego Elite Chinese School or All About Mandarin Academy.  Their website says that they offer Mandarin classes for toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids – as well as adults.  Their camps for toddlers are definitely not cheap – one 45 minute class a week (that one parent must also attend) is $120 – which works out to about $40 per hour.  It should be easy to find private tutoring at that expense – I would think that classes should be a lot more affordable …

Next week I will start recruiting San Diego area native Mandarin and Spanish speakers to provide reasonably priced language teaching for toddlers in the Del Mar, Carmel Valley and Rancho Santa Fe areas.  If you know of someone who is a native speaker in either Chinese Mandarin or Spanish languages and would be interested in helping to teach small kids an additional language, please have them give me a call at 858.262.0944 or contact Joe Connector Kennedy at Virtually Famous Marketing.

Swim School and Water Safety Experts Say Drowning Is Not a Seasonal Problem

Water Safety a Year Round Concern

As an Entrepreneur Stay at Home Dad water safety is a huge concern to me. I am co-founder of Virtually Famous Marketing and run a good sized “family of websites”.   Each day I get many different press releases on a variety of topics.  Today I got one about water safety, which is of HUGE interest to me since I am in the process of teaching 22 month old Ava Kalea how to swim.  If you have young children, this will be of interest to you too! Continue reading “Swim School and Water Safety Experts Say Drowning Is Not a Seasonal Problem”

Stay at Home Dad Entrepreneur Podcast Episode #2: Toddler Road Trip Recap

In this episode Ava Kalea kind of has a little melt down at the end – probably annoying, but possibly entertaining.

Other than that I wish everyone a belated Father’s Day, talk about how awesome mine was – and then recap the 2000+ mile road trip that Ava Kalea and I took to Seattle so she could meet her sister Jacqueline Kennedy!

Stay at Home Dad Entrepreneur Podcast / Vlog: Episode 1

Hello and Welcome to Episode #1 of the Stay at Home Dad Entrepreneur Podcast / Vlog

This episode is not sponsored by Lego Land, SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo, but very well could be – especially considering I’m broadcasting from my home studio / office / living room / home gym in Del Mar, California – just a short drive from all of those great tourist destinations – especially great if you have kids – or are a kid at heart.

I’m your host, Joe Kennedy – The Grateful Dad. I’m 55 years young (yes 55) I’ve been a stay at home dad to our 20 month old toddler Ava Kalea Kennedy, for about 6 months now and feel like the luckiest guy in the world. When I took on this role, I knew it was a very difficult job – and it has been, but I just didn’t realize that it would be so difficult to get anything else done while taking care of the baby. Continue reading “Stay at Home Dad Entrepreneur Podcast / Vlog: Episode 1”

Learning Mandarin and Using a Gluestick as Chapstick

I’m almost through my first few weeks as a stay at home dad and it has been very adventurous to say the least.

On a super positive note, Ava Kalea and I started to learn Mandarin yesterday – using mostly videos from YouTube.  We’ve found that there are a lot of good ones (like the one above from Jane Wang) and some not so good ones too.  When we find a good one, I try to make sure to add it to our Mandarin playlist so we can watch it every day.  Right now we are learning to count and say the days of the week in Chinese.  Hope to have that down good at some point next week – but probably really won’t know until we are able to actually test it out on someone who actually speaks Mandarin.

On the adventurous side, I am usually real good about keeping a constant eye on our little monkey baby (born in the Year of the Monkey) – BUT today I was on the phone with her Granny and had my back turned for 20 seconds ….  Ava Kalea had the cap off the glue stick and was putting it on her lips like chapstick …

What to Feed Your Toddler? Anything? Everything? Or Just Health Food?

Ava Kalea eating FroYoI’ve been staying home during the days with our 14 month old Ava Kalea now for about 10 days.  It’s a lot of fun – and as I knew before, it is A LOT of work.

I’ve been trying real hard to get her to eat more, as she is currently just a shade under 21 pounds.  I swear I’ll get her up to 23 lbs by the end of November and 25 lbs by the end of the year – that’s a goal any way …  Much different from the goals I had for Ava Kalea’s mother

One challenge is that the more mobile she gets and the more variety of foods she is exposed to, the pickier she is becoming as far as foods she will actually eat. Continue reading “What to Feed Your Toddler? Anything? Everything? Or Just Health Food?”

Stay At Home Dad Day #2 (Video)

Apologies for the terrible sound quality and boring video. I really want to document this transition to being a Stay at Home Dad. Today was my 2nd day of being a Stay at Home Dad with our Monkey Baby, Ava Kalea – who is 14 months old today.

The funny thing is that my commitment as a Stay at Home Dad, is to NOT stay at home – at least most of the time.

This morning we did some exercise, flashcards, educational YouTube videos (in Spanish and English), new music discovery, Ava’s mid morning nap and ate lunch. Then we went to the Carmel Valley Library where I picked up some books I had on reserve and bought some books and DVDs for Ava from the Friends of the Library. Next we went running on the beach in Del Mar and stopped to play on the beach in front of “our house” (more on that in a different post).

After playing on the beach Ava Kalea had to push the stroller all the way back to the lifeguard station (no small feat for a toddler). After the beach we went to Whole Foods for their salad bar and then to Yogurtland for a sample of froyo for the little midget.

Then we went home to grill up some chicken for dinner for Stacia and Makaya. Quite a day – and looking forward to tomorrow!

Very happy with the way things are going – but as we continue to transition, I want to start being able to check off more things on my very long to-do list. BTW – a car load of kids drove by Ava and I the other day as we ran to the beach (with her beach stroller). One of them leaned out the window and yelled “Where’s the Three Bears?!?” At first I was kind of offended, but I soon realized it was pretty funny …. and maybe appropriate …


Video: Ava Kalea Kennedy Rolls Over for the First Time

A couple of days ago, Ava Kalea rolled over for the very first time – and Ava’s mom was actually taking video!  Please enjoy – feel free to share and comment.

I thought this was really cool – especially considering she was only 9 weeks and 2 days in our world. My mom says that I did not roll over until I was 5 months old! (Girls are definitely quicker than boys).

Ava Kalea Rolls Over for the First Time!!!

Ava and Stacia Kennedy on Beach in Del Mar November 1, 2016This morning Stacia shared some GREAT news!  Ava Kalea rolled over for the very first time (that we know about)!!  She is only 9 weeks and two days in our world and has already turned over and started to crawl.

I had to call my mom and tell her this fantastic news.  She said she still remembered me rolling over for the first time – when she was visiting her mom (who, as it turns out, did not have much time left).  I maybe slower than most, but I did not roll over until I was 5 MONTHS old!

One great thing about this is that Stacia just happened to be taking a video of Ava when she rolled over for the very first time!  We have video evidence and will be sharing real soon!

Thank you for visiting our Daddy Blogger’s World and following the adventures of Ava Kalea and her family – including her blogger daddy …  😉