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What to Feed Your Toddler? Anything? Everything? Or Just Health Food?

Ava Kalea eating FroYoI’ve been staying home during the days with our 14 month old Ava Kalea now for about 10 days.  It’s a lot of fun – and as I knew before, it is A LOT of work.

I’ve been trying real hard to get her to eat more, as she is currently just a shade under 21 pounds.  I swear I’ll get her up to 23 lbs by the end of November and 25 lbs by the end of the year – that’s a goal any way …  Much different from the goals I had for Ava Kalea’s mother

One challenge is that the more mobile she gets and the more variety of foods she is exposed to, the pickier she is becoming as far as foods she will actually eat. Continue Reading