Ava Kalea Kennedy Makes Appearance at 33 Week Ultrasound

Ava Kalea Kennedy 072916Ava Kalea Kennedy Plays Shy During Ultrasound

We got to see an appearance by Ava Kalea Kennedy today at Stacia’s 33 week ultrasound.  She was a little shy and covering part of her face with her hand, but to me she looks just like her mom.  There’s no denying those big, fat lips …

Makaya got to go today and showed us a photo of Buddha on his phone while saying “tell me she doesn’t look like this”.  Not sure about that, but do know that the Ultrasound Tech did say that she already has lots of hair.  If I remember right, her sister Jackie didn’t have much hair until after her first birthday … Continue reading “Ava Kalea Kennedy Makes Appearance at 33 Week Ultrasound”

Let’s Talk About the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: What’s It Going to Be Like Being an Old Dad?

Old DadJoe Kennedy Going To Enjoy Being an Old Dad

So fun to get to write about being an old dad – and to use my name in the 3rd person …  I was going to write about popular daddy blogs today, but feel like I want to get this topic started – as there could be some interest in the topic.  What’s it going to be like being an old dad?

Before my first daughter Jacqueline was conceived, I was about 40 years old and pretty sure that I would never have children.  Then I met her mom and it turned out we both wanted a family.  It didn’t take much longer for Jackie Kennedy to come along.  In my early 40s, at that point, I was already what many would consider an old dad. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: What’s It Going to Be Like Being an Old Dad?”

Daddy Blogger Survey for Daddy Bloggers – and Mommy Bloggers Too!

Daddy Blogger SurveyDaddy Blogger Survey to Help Publicize Daddy Bloggers Around the World:

Hey Daddy Bloggers (and Mommy Bloggers too!) – take the Daddy Blogger Survey.  I want to know more about YOU, so that I can help promote you and your blog!  If you take a few minutes to send me answers to the following questions, I will publish it in a separate blog post and add a link to your blog on the links page here at Daddy Blogger World.  It shouldn’t take long and will get you at least one link back to your blog – and I’ll probably even comment on a post or two on your site.  You might even get the chance to be interviewed via Skype for a future Daddy Blogger Podcast or feature here on the site. Continue reading “Daddy Blogger Survey for Daddy Bloggers – and Mommy Bloggers Too!”

Healthy Natural Baby Food in the Blender

Healthy Natural Baby FoodA Good Blender Makes it Easy to Make Healthy Natural Baby Food

Healthy natural baby food can easily be made at home in a variety of ways.  Making your own healthy natural baby food will allow you to make sure that you are feeding your baby with healthy foods that are good for your baby and not filled with a bunch of fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Any parent who wants the best for their child will be interested in making healthy natural baby food to ensure the best possible nutrition.

Personally, I’m super excited about making healthy natural baby food for Ava Kalea Kennedy (#AvaKalea).  Using a great blender like Vitamix (which I currently sell) or a Blendtec (which I used to sell and currently have in my kitchen), making healthy and tasty baby food is a breeze.

Using fresh, healthy and organic foods including fruits, veggies, and even meats, a quality blender can help making healthy natural baby food a breeze. Continue reading “Healthy Natural Baby Food in the Blender”

Words of Wisdom from Wayne Dyer

Remembering Wayne Dyer and (Finally) Taking His Advice

Wayne Dyer letter 120305Last night in the dark, I was reminded of some words of wisdom from the late, great, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You see, I was stumbling over newly place furniture in the dark and ended up stepping on (and breaking) a glass picture frame.  In the frame was this letter that Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote me in December of 1995.  Wayne was responding to my inquiry for advice on how to publish some personal development books and tapes.  In his letter he advises to just produce the books and tapes and God will direct the “how” to get it published.  GREAT advice.  I loved it so much I put it in my favorite picture frame over 10 years ago.  But I never took the advice from this great man.  I never did produce the books or tapes – at least not those. Continue reading “Words of Wisdom from Wayne Dyer”

You Can Make Excuses or Create Results

Make Excuses or Create ResultsDo YOU Want to Make Excuses or Create Results? Which is Better for Your Family?

There are a lot of great quotes out there along the lines of ‘You Can Make Excuses or Create Results”.  Some might say that we are always seeing results – just not always the results that we ‘dream of’, ‘want’ or ‘wish for’.  In my mind, if we are not seeing the results that we want (which happens to pretty much everyone at some point, if not frequently), we just don’t want it bad enough.  We don’t always take the massive action that it takes to realize our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).  Many of us, myself included, just frickin’ make excuses.  That’s not going to create the best results or outcomes for our families, is it? Continue reading “You Can Make Excuses or Create Results”

57 Days Until Ava Kalea’s Arrival – Chicco Travel System Purchased

Chicco Travel SystemChicco Travel System Purchased 57 Days Before Ava Kalea Arrives

Yesterday I bought a Chicco Travel System for Ava Kalea.  Today marks just 57 days until the scheduled arrival of Ava Kalea Kennedy.  She’s supposed to be ready for birth on September 16th – my best friend’s birthday.  In a very strange way, I am actually hoping that she does arrive on that exact date – but at the same time I am torn.  I am anxious to see her again (I did meet her in a dream already) – and I want her to come out whenever she is good and ready.

Yesterday I bought a diaper bag that I found on sale – and later in the day I went a purchased the Chicco KeyFit30 Travel System Continue reading “57 Days Until Ava Kalea’s Arrival – Chicco Travel System Purchased”

Comparing Baby Travel Systems

Baby Travel SystemsBaby Travel Systems Vary in Strengths and Weaknesses

This is real world right now – we need a “Baby Travel Systems”.  I need to get a car seat for Ava Kalea or they won’t let her out of the hospital after she’s born.  Then we  stroller that will attach to that stroller.  Now these are called “Baby Travel Systems”  I don’t remember that term from when Jacqueline was a baby almost 14 years ago.  But it did seem like we went through A LOT of different strollers and car seats with her.

With car seats and strollers – as well as baby travel systems, there are many different strengths, weaknesses and purposes of different types.  Some feature strength and durability, Continue reading “Comparing Baby Travel Systems”