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Blog posts about goals. It is good to have them. Most people don’t. Don’t be like most people. Have goals. Write them down.

Joe Connector Kennedy’s Goals – December 25, 2018

I’ve been threatening myself to re-write my goals for some time now. Not sure what my hangup is – perhaps I’m scared that I’ll achieve them too fast and constantly need to update them …. But isn’t that the point? Since today is Christmas, I thought that I would give myself a gift by actually… Continue Reading

You Can Make Excuses or Create Results

Do YOU Want to Make Excuses or Create Results? Which is Better for Your Family? There are a lot of great quotes out there along the lines of ‘You Can Make Excuses or Create Results”. ¬†Some might say that we are always seeing results – just not always the results that we ‘dream of’, ‘want’… Continue Reading