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Joe Connector Kennedy’s Goals – December 25, 2018

I’ve been threatening myself to re-write my goals for some time now. Not sure what my hangup is – perhaps I’m scared that I’ll achieve them too fast and constantly need to update them …. But isn’t that the point?

Since today is Christmas, I thought that I would give myself a gift by actually writing out my current goals.

For here and now, these are my current goals:

  • Own and drive a Tesla Model S as my daily driver.
  • Build an online income of $10k + per month.
  • Find and buy a house for our family to live in – close to the ocean, with enough room for an office and a guest room. With a large patio and pool to workout by.
  • Read two books a week (Kindle/Audio)
  • Workout daily.
  • Eat the right way – the way I know how. Clean eating LiveIt.
  • Get another vehicle with good gas mileage so Stacia has something nice to drive to work.
  • Get the final deposits paid for Ava Kalea’s new Spanish speaking preschool.
  • Pay off credit cards.
  • Find and buy a house to flip in San Diego.
  • Get Ava Kalea into Mandarin immersion preschool for Fall 2019
  • Family ski trip to Utah in spring
  • Become a Triple Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

I’m sure that I will be reviewing and updating this list A LOT and will eventually publish my ongoing list of goals to a page on my blog at JoeKennedy.biz.