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Make Excuses or Create ResultsDo YOU Want to Make Excuses or Create Results? Which is Better for Your Family?

There are a lot of great quotes out there along the lines of ‘You Can Make Excuses or Create Results”.  Some might say that we are always seeing results – just not always the results that we ‘dream of’, ‘want’ or ‘wish for’.  In my mind, if we are not seeing the results that we want (which happens to pretty much everyone at some point, if not frequently), we just don’t want it bad enough.  We don’t always take the massive action that it takes to realize our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).  Many of us, myself included, just frickin’ make excuses.  That’s not going to create the best results or outcomes for our families, is it?

Even if you are not making excuses to others: spouses/mates/significant others, bosses, co-workers, family or friends, chances are you are making excuses to yourself.  Excuses can come in many forms:  Possibly in your head with negative self-talk, but most definitely in your actions and priorities.  I am very guilty of both of these.  At various times in the past, I have allowed comments from others (sometimes complete strangers who I will never see again) to affect how I navigate my life and the actions I take.  I let their comments into my head to create negative self-talk that holds me back and helps me create excuses.  Extremely silly if you think about it.

More often despite being very disciplined in some areas of my life – I haven’t always spent the time and effort on things that are most important.  In short, my priorities have been out of whack.  For example, I decided to write this blog post more than a couple of hours ago.  I was going to pledge to start writing (at least) one blog post a day – and do it before I do ANYTHING else.  Guess what happened then?????

I decided I was hungry.  I thought about taking a shower (still need one).  I posted my car for sale on Craigslist – or tried to.  It took me so long to finish the post that once I did, I had to login and re-write the ad all over again.  In the meantime, I had to walk out to the car to find out more details to put in the ad.  I had to download the pics of the car from my phone (while doing this I actually started to edit and organize other random photos on my computer).  While out at the car, I found a random stranger’s mail – an arrest warrant from the court.  What do you think that I did?  Go back to writing this blog post?  Of course not.  I Googled the guy and started to try to find our what he was busted for ….  Then I caught myself ….  Even then, I checked my email (I was successful at avoiding LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram though), got some water and then told my lovely and pregnant wife everything I’m telling you.  Was I choosing to make excuses or create results?

I’m just frickin making excuses – just through my unguided actions.  I’m avoiding that which is important to me.  Writing this post.  That was my goal.  I’m going to hit my goal in this instance and it will feel good.  Guess what?  I’m going to hit my blogging goal tomorrow and it’s going to feel even better!

Stacia is due on September 16th.  That’s only 54 days away.  I really do hope that is the correct date, but seem to have a feeling that the estimated timing of the medical pros is a little off and Ava Kalea Kennedy does not want to wait that long to show up.  In the meantime, I will be working on building and growing this blog, readers and contributors.  It would be nice to have some fans – and you gotta love haters too!

In my interest of taking action to achieve my Big Hairy Audacious Goal of 100,000 subscribers for Daddy Blogger World by the end of 2016, I pledge to write a blog post each and every day BEFORE I do anything else.  Even if I get up early to go to the gym.  Even when I sleep in.  Even when life’s chaos is closing in.  I will write each and every day before I do anything else.  I will have to examine and rearrange my priorities and schedule.  I’ll probably have to juggle on occasion.  I will be better for it, my family will be better for it and hopefully readers will learn from my trials and tribulations.

Make Excuses or Create Results.  It’s your choice!  I’ve made mine ….

Note: As a father, I do realize that in 54 days or whenever Ava Kalea decides to arrive on the scene, I do realize that all bets are off – and that at that point (and forever more), I’ll have more important priorities.  Even then, I could make excuses or create results.  I want to take the actions necessary to make my BHAGs a reality – and I want Ava to be able to do the same.  How about you?  What do YOU want for you and your family?


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7 years ago

I admire your intention and announcing it loud and proud! I have found having an accountability partner helps so much when I dance around my priority list! Best of luck!!

7 years ago

Love this blog post! I could SO relate to your distractions and how in an instant our brain has pulled us off track. Always looking for that thing to “solve” when we have set a deadlines for ourselves.