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Remembering Wayne Dyer and (Finally) Taking His Advice

Wayne Dyer letter 120305Last night in the dark, I was reminded of some words of wisdom from the late, great, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You see, I was stumbling over newly place furniture in the dark and ended up stepping on (and breaking) a glass picture frame.  In the frame was this letter that Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote me in December of 1995.  Wayne was responding to my inquiry for advice on how to publish some personal development books and tapes.  In his letter he advises to just produce the books and tapes and God will direct the “how” to get it published.  GREAT advice.  I loved it so much I put it in my favorite picture frame over 10 years ago.  But I never took the advice from this great man.  I never did produce the books or tapes – at least not those.

It’s interesting to note that in addition to taking the time to handwrite and sign his note, Wayne also send me a couple of his books – free of charge.  He was such a kind and giving man.  I want to be more like he was.

Me stepping on that favorite frame in the dark last night had a purpose.  I was initially angry that I broke the frame – and had to be very careful not to cut myself cleaning it up.  But I knew it happened for a purpose.  This is one of the only frames I saved during our move from Bellevue to San Diego.  It was close to my bed every day for the last 6 months and I never really took the time to benefit from it.

I was supposed to not only SEE this great advice from Wayne Dyer again (and again as I write this), I am supposed to THINK about it and USE it.  I need to produce NOW – maybe not books and tapes, but perhaps events, networking groups and certainly this blog, hopefully helping other Daddies (and mommies too) share information about being the best parents we can be.

The advice from Dr. Wayne Dyer that I want to pass along to our children Ava, Jacqueline and Makaya is to “Just Produce” and “God Will Direct the How”.  Sometimes we get so frozen with fears of the HOW, that we start making excuses and not DOING, CREATING and PRODUCING like we should.

Thank you to Dr. Wayne Dyer – you are very dearly missed!

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7 years ago

Great advice! You are such an inspiration to our kids.