Why I Went All-In as a Team BeachBody Coach

All-In with BeachBody and Joe AbsThree days ago I signed up as a Team BeachBody Coach, to help people get fit, healthy and happy!  I’m so excited to get started in this new business and lifestyle!

In interest of full disclosure and total transparency – this is not the first time I’ve been a Team BeachBody Coach.  I initially signed up as a ‘Coach’ about a year and a half ago, shortly after our daughter Ava Kalea was born.  My wife signed up to get back in shape after having the baby and wanted to get into the business while she was a stay at home mom – and I wanted to support her.  I was extremely skeptical of 1) working out at home and 2) BeachBody products in general – but always want to support my wife any way I can – and I was of course super happy that she wanted to get back into shape!  (the better shape we are in, the more fun our practice for making Ava Kalea, Jacqueline and Makaya a baby brother ……) Continue reading “Why I Went All-In as a Team BeachBody Coach”

Words of Wisdom from Wayne Dyer

Remembering Wayne Dyer and (Finally) Taking His Advice

Wayne Dyer letter 120305Last night in the dark, I was reminded of some words of wisdom from the late, great, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You see, I was stumbling over newly place furniture in the dark and ended up stepping on (and breaking) a glass picture frame.  In the frame was this letter that Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote me in December of 1995.  Wayne was responding to my inquiry for advice on how to publish some personal development books and tapes.  In his letter he advises to just produce the books and tapes and God will direct the “how” to get it published.  GREAT advice.  I loved it so much I put it in my favorite picture frame over 10 years ago.  But I never took the advice from this great man.  I never did produce the books or tapes – at least not those. Continue reading “Words of Wisdom from Wayne Dyer”