• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

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Ava Kalea Kennedy Makes Appearance at 33 Week Ultrasound

Ava Kalea Kennedy 072916Ava Kalea Kennedy Plays Shy During Ultrasound

We got to see an appearance by Ava Kalea Kennedy today at Stacia’s 33 week ultrasound.  She was a little shy and covering part of her face with her hand, but to me she looks just like her mom.  There’s no denying those big, fat lips …

Makaya got to go today and showed us a photo of Buddha on his phone while saying “tell me she doesn’t look like this”.  Not sure about that, but do know that the Ultrasound Tech did say that she already has lots of hair.  If I remember right, her sister Jackie didn’t have much hair until after her first birthday …

The best part of the day is finding out that Ava Kalea’s kidneys are developing nicely.  There was a question about that because I’m not sure they were fully able to see them during the previous ultrasound.  Great news and we are extremely grateful!

We are super stoked and excited – looking forward to Ava Kalea Kennedy making her arrival.  Remember that September 16th is her due date ….

I guess that we should start thinking about all the things that we need to do to prepare for the little princess…..  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Would love to hear from other Daddys out there on the most important things to remember before baby is born ….