• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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Baby Travel SystemsBaby Travel Systems Vary in Strengths and Weaknesses

This is real world right now – we need a “Baby Travel Systems”.  I need to get a car seat for Ava Kalea or they won’t let her out of the hospital after she’s born.  Then we  stroller that will attach to that stroller.  Now these are called “Baby Travel Systems”  I don’t remember that term from when Jacqueline was a baby almost 14 years ago.  But it did seem like we went through A LOT of different strollers and car seats with her.

With car seats and strollers – as well as baby travel systems, there are many different strengths, weaknesses and purposes of different types.  Some feature strength and durability, others may feature ease of use and being lightweight.  Weight does seem to have a lot to do with particular uses – it’s not a lot of fun for a new mom to be lugging a 50 pound beach stroller in and out of a vehicle on a regular basis.  It may be a wiser decision to get an super easy, convenient and lighter weight stroller for everyday use – and then decide if/when/what kind of beach stroller to get.

Definitely want and need a beach stroller, but not sure that we need it right away.  For us an every day “baby travel systems” is probably more practical, but if/when we see the right deal on a super cool beach / jogging stroller, we’ll definitely pick it up.

While thinking I was going to need to pay $300-$350 for a decent baby travel systems, I stumbled across some deals at the local Target (it’s French).

There’s the Eddie Bauer Alpine 4 Baby Travel Systems – listed on Target.com at $249.99 + $20 Tax, with free shipping.  Not bad.  The reviews were all provide by Target, but all nine reviews were rated either 4 or 5 out of 5 potential stars.  The unit at my Target is priced to sell at $119.99.  This just might be the one we get – and it would fit in with our Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer …

There’s also the Eddie Bauer Alpine 3 Baby Travel Systems.  One might think it was a step down or earlier model than the Alpine 4, but it looked pretty nice – and has solid reviews too. Retail price is the same as Alpine 4 at $249.99.  The unit I saw at Target was marked down to $119.98

The next travel system I found on sale was a Babytrend Nexton Baby Travel Systems.  Target.com says they are only available in the store and at $179.99.  The one I found on sale is only $89.98.  Great – I thought.  Until I looked at the reviews.  Not many good ones.  Nothing else could get me to want to try one that so many other people have had problems with – although Babytrend is a well known and trusted brand and I’m sure they have other products that I won’t want to be without.

The best travel system for our needs (and budget) might just be the Chicco Cortina Key Fit 30 Travel System.  This travel system has a ton of great reviews, the stroller is only 22 pounds and most importantly the car seat has been top-rated for safety.  The price on Target.com is $299.99 – but it can only be purchased in the store.  The one I saw for sale (perhaps a return?) was on sale for only $149.98.  Maybe it still will be tomorrow …. or maybe someone has a different opinion, wants a different opinion or just comes up with a better travel system for our needs.