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Ava and Stacia Kennedy on Beach in Del Mar November 1, 2016This morning Stacia shared some GREAT news!  Ava Kalea rolled over for the very first time (that we know about)!!  She is only 9 weeks and two days in our world and has already turned over and started to crawl.

I had to call my mom and tell her this fantastic news.  She said she still remembered me rolling over for the first time – when she was visiting her mom (who, as it turns out, did not have much time left).  I maybe slower than most, but I did not roll over until I was 5 MONTHS old!

One great thing about this is that Stacia just happened to be taking a video of Ava when she rolled over for the very first time!  We have video evidence and will be sharing real soon!

Thank you for visiting our Daddy Blogger’s World and following the adventures of Ava Kalea and her family – including her blogger daddy …  😉