• Fri. May 13th, 2022

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Apologies for the terrible sound quality and boring video. I really want to document this transition to being a Stay at Home Dad. Today was my 2nd day of being a Stay at Home Dad with our Monkey Baby, Ava Kalea – who is 14 months old today.

The funny thing is that my commitment as a Stay at Home Dad, is to NOT stay at home – at least most of the time.

This morning we did some exercise, flashcards, educational YouTube videos (in Spanish and English), new music discovery, Ava’s mid morning nap and ate lunch. Then we went to the Carmel Valley Library where I picked up some books I had on reserve and bought some books and DVDs for Ava from the Friends of the Library. Next we went running on the beach in Del Mar and stopped to play on the beach in front of “our house” (more on that in a different post).

After playing on the beach Ava Kalea had to push the stroller all the way back to the lifeguard station (no small feat for a toddler). After the beach we went to Whole Foods for their salad bar and then to Yogurtland for a sample of froyo for the little midget.

Then we went home to grill up some chicken for dinner for Stacia and Makaya. Quite a day – and looking forward to tomorrow!

Very happy with the way things are going – but as we continue to transition, I want to start being able to check off more things on my very long to-do list. BTW – a car load of kids drove by Ava and I the other day as we ran to the beach (with her beach stroller). One of them leaned out the window and yelled “Where’s the Three Bears?!?” At first I was kind of offended, but I soon realized it was pretty funny …. and maybe appropriate …