• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

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Magic Monday Gratitude – I LOVE Mondays!

Ava Kalea with Granny and Grandpa 070918My Mondays are So Magical, They Are Now Magic Mondays!

I absolutely LOVE Mondays!  Mondays may in fact my favorite day of the week …  Not that I don’t love weekends – I definitely do!

I love Mondays so much, I’ve decided to start calling them Magic Mondays – and magical they shall be!  Today is a great day and I am so thankful for all of my many blessings.  It’s barely 12 noon and already so make great things have happened!

We got to wake up this morning with my parents in the house!  Granny and Grandpa (along with Lucy the Labradoodle and Fiona the sketchy cat) were kind enough to make a detour here to Del Mar on their way from Scottsdale, AZ to Washington state where they will stay for the rest of the summer so as to avoid the 120 degree temperatures in the Valley of the Sun.  I was lucky enough to be able to make breakfast for them, Stacia and Ava Kalea before they started on the long drive up I-5.  The last time we saw Granny and Grandpa, Ava Kalea managed to get caught up behind Granny and accidentally trip her sending her to the ER with head contusions and a cracked tailbone on the night before Mother’s Day – and Granny was still willing to visit us!  Grandpa wanted to put a bell around Ava Kalea’s neck so we would all know where the little midget is (she’s so fast we sometimes call her The Blur and it is hard to keep track of her).  Wouldn’t you know it, but when we were outside ‘helping’ Grandpa load up the truck, she snuck up on him and nearly tripped him too …  Luckily he was able to keep his balance and wasn’t hurt …

I should also mention and give gratitude to my wife Stacia, as she spent a good portion of her one day off cleaning and doing laundry to make Granny and Grandpa’s visit more comfortable.  She did a lot of work and a great job.  I probably tease her and rag on her way too much and definitely need to recognize her for her heroic efforts.

Another great thing that happened today is that I (apparently) was able to fix an old portable air conditioner that I bought on Craigslist a few weeks ago.  It was leaking all over the floor and not cooling that great, so I looked up some YouTube videos of people taking apart the same unit – and ripped it apart.  After cleaning it up, I noticed that one of the drain hoses had become disconnected (probably due to the unit being moved a lot) – and I was able to reconnect it and put it all back together.  It seems to be cooling much better and has not leaked a drop since.  Knock on wood.

Probably THE BEST thing that happened this morning is that I got a call on Viber from my oldest daughter Jacqueline, who is spending the summer in Kiev Ukraine.  I haven’t got to see or speak to her much in the past two and a half years, so every time I get to speak with her is a blessing!  It sounds like she is having a great time – and is going to try to take some more painting lessons in the coming weeks, along with a visit to a coastal resort with a friend who lives in Germany.  I’m so proud of Jacqueline, who is a straight A student and fluent in 3 languages …  That girl is going places – literally!  She also told me that she colored her hair blond and will send me a picture tomorrow – I cannot wait to see it!

Any way, back to my Magic Monday – plotting and planning on how to create / enhance / build on the awesome network of influencer blogs that we have created.  It’s so cool to be able to an entrepreneurial stay at home dad – and write every day about the things that interest me most like health, fitness, entrepreneurship, tech and travel.  I’m so lucky and loving my Magical Mondays!

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