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Saturday Night Gratitude

So many things to be grateful for tonight! Here are just a few: A ‘typical’ San Diego day, about 75 and clear at the beach here in Del Mar. The…

Monday Gratitude January 28, 2019

Good, no GREAT Monday morning to you! (or wishes for a great day/night whenever you might read this). Waking up. (The alternative doesn’t leave a lot of options). My beautiful…

So Very Thankful on Thanksgiving

I have taken up the daily habit of living with sincere gratitude for each and every day I wake up.  Thankfully, so far, I’ve waken up on this side of…

Magic Monday Gratitude – I LOVE Mondays!

My Mondays are So Magical, They Are Now Magic Mondays! I absolutely LOVE Mondays!  Mondays may in fact my favorite day of the week …  Not that I don’t love…