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Monday Gratitude January 28, 2019

Monday Gratitude Joe Connector from Team ExtraO

Good, no GREAT Monday morning to you! (or wishes for a great day/night whenever you might read this).

Monday Gratitude Team ExtraO
  1. Waking up. (The alternative doesn’t leave a lot of options).
  2. My beautiful wife Stacia traveling so that she can work on her business and improve herself.
  3. Early morning workouts.
  4. The ability to make money before Ava Kalea wakes up – as well as while we are spending our days together.
  5. The amazing opportunity to get more fit and healthy that BeachBody has afforded me.
  6. I’m grateful that I can share my health and fitness journey and inspire others to become the most Extraordinary versions of themselves.
  7. I’m grateful that my daughter Jacqueline Kennedy took the time to call me yesterday.
  8. I’m grateful for Makaya doing chores and helping around the house.
  9. I’m extremely grateful to live in such a beautiful place so close to the ocean.
  10. I am super extra grateful for having learned that good nutrition and exercise make me feel A LOT better than trying to medicate myself with drugs and alcohol.

Today I am grateful for so many things, here are just a few:

What are YOU grateful for today? I’d love to hear from you!

By Affiliate Joe

An old haole living in Paradise with two beautiful females, while learning, teaching and earning with Affiliate Marketing.