• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Bellevue-based Outerwall will showcase its services and products and its suite of kiosks this week in booth #36047 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, a global trade show known for launching products and devices many consumers can only dream of owning.


Outerwall’s mainstay brands, Coinstar and Redbox, help consumers maximize their budgets by transforming spare change into cash or no-fee eCertificates and offering the best value for new release movie entertainment. And for the first time ever, the company will feature its entire family of automated kiosks together at CES, including the newest offerings:

  • ecoATM – available throughout the U.S., ecoATM kiosks pay cash instantly for used cell phones, tablets and MP3 players;
  • Coinstar Exchange – with hundreds of kiosks in the U.S., Coinstar Exchange kiosks offer instant cash for unused gift cards; and
  • SAMPLEit – currently in pilot stage and available in select markets across the U.S., SAMPLEit kiosks are an easy and affordable way to discover and try new products from leading brands, and save money on full-size versions with valuable coupons included with each purchase.

“Outerwall will be presenting our vision for the future of smart shopping based on our core capabilities and assets,” said J. Scott Di Valerio, CEO of Outerwall. “We’ll also continue demonstrating our commitment to simplicity, convenience and value by showcasing our newest kiosk solutions: ecoATM, Coinstar Exchange and SAMPLEit.”

As consumers continue looking for ways to save money and get the best value for their dollars, they’re also looking to retailers to help them find ways to shop more effectively.

The brick and mortar store, once the “holy grail” for a point of sale, now has an opportunity to be reinvented as the lines between digital and physical retail become blurred. Retailers can transform the shopping experience for their customers – from a chore to an interactive, personalized experience in the digital age.

“Smartphones forever changed how connected consumers are all of the time,” said Leslie Hand, vice president for retail insights at IDC. “Technology innovations in the retail industry will enable previously unprecedented levels of personalized interaction with customers, who will continue integrating mobility into the fabric of their lives.”

Smart shopping is the key to retailers’ success

At CES 2015, Outerwall will demonstrate unique potential smart shopping concepts by illustrating a next-generation, in-store retail shopping experience that leverages the latest mobile technologies. In the Outerwall booth, conference attendees can view three demos of shopping scenarios where retailers can connect directly with consumers during their consideration journey.

Through its prevalent network of more than 65,000 kiosks, the company understands how consumers’ relationships with retailers are changing amidst the convergence of online and physical retail. And with 91 percent of the U.S. population living within five miles of an Outerwall kiosk, the company is positioned to help retailers orchestrate innovative ways of interacting with loyal customers in addition to engaging new consumers.

Outerwall is creating and evaluating real world concepts of innovative consumer shopping experiences that could change the way people interact with the stores they frequent and the brands they love. Visit Outerwall in booth #36047 at CES this week to learn more.

About Outerwall Inc.

Outerwall Inc. (Nasdaq: OUTR) has more than 20 years of experience creating some of the most profitable spaces for their retail partners. Outerwall delivers breakthrough kiosk experiences that delight consumers and generate revenue for retailers. As the company that brought consumers Redbox entertainment, Coinstar money services, and ecoATM electronics recycling kiosks, Outerwall is leading the next generation of automated retail and paving the way for inventive, scalable businesses. Outerwall kiosks are in neighborhood grocery stores, drug stores, mass merchants, malls, and other retail locations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.