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Plastic Surgeons in Bellevue to Be Contacted with Offering of Social Media Services: Who Will Get

Best Plastic Surgery BellevueStarting in the next few days, we will be sending out the following email to a growing list of cosmetic surgeons in Bellevue, Washington.  Stacia would like to teach them the benefits of video marketing, specifically YouTube video marketing.  She is really good at coaching them along and in this project, we already have a website here at which is growing momentum and our social media channels are all taking form.  We have some other distinct advantages over other marketing companies too – read on to find out what they are!

May 2015

Dear Bellevue Cosmetic Surgeon:

I trust that business here in Bellevue is good for you.  Of course it is – you are in Bellevue, after all.  But maybe you realize your company is not as profitable as you would like?  Nothing that cannot be solved with more customers …

I have taken some time to evaluate your business’s social media marketing efforts.  As I’m sure you realize, they are far short of stellar – I’d actually be pretty surprised if you are getting any new business or client engagement with your current efforts.  The good news is that your current results can be improved on tremendously.  My company and I can help you further engage your current clients (and get valuable positive online reviews from them).  Even better, we can help you get new clients, more business and a better bottom line.

We have a fool proof six point system that is sure to get your company’s listing moving up in the Google search results – enjoying more leads, getting more clients and making more money than ever before.

1.  We make sure that your company is properly listed and verified on Google My Business.  We take care of the entire process.  It is more important than ever that your business is listed AND verified by Google My Business.  This can greatly affect your position in search results (SEO) and you cannot afford to ignore it any longer. This is also another good place where clients can leave reviews for your business.

2. We make sure that your company can be found on YouTube.  Video marketing is HUGE these days, but even more important, since YouTube is now owned by Google, properly done videos can show up high in Google search results – resulting in more leads for your business.  We recommend making and posting at least one video a month on your company’s YouTube channel and offer video packages (including filming, editing, posting and sharing) from 1 video a month to 2 or 3 a week.

3.  We dress up your Facebook page, create and post current and consistent content – and increase the number of people who ‘Like’ or follow your page.  When applicable and depending on your budget, we can set up a targeted FaceBook advertising program for your business as well.

4.  We make sure your Twitter account is current and active and send out regular tweets to your followers.  We will also grow your followers list with Twitter users who are actually potential customers of yours.

5.  We provide you with a website at and design it to your specs, with your logos, photos and any of the content you would like to keep from your current site.  We provide a separate phone number to reach you on the site, which will allow us both to track the effectiveness of our campaigns.

6.  We make sure your site and social media channels are shared via our social media channels and featured on some of our sites like, and more.


We can certainly help your business get more business through the use of our social media process above and I would love to have the chance to discuss this with you.  In a show of good faith, I would be happy to get your business verified by Google My Business at no cost at all.  If you are already verified, I would really appreciate the opportunity to share with you just why it is so important to have a strong and consistent presence on G+ and Google My Business.

Right now is the best time to take charge of your social media marketing and take the best advantage of a great opportunity to be a social media leader for the cosmetic surgery industry in Bellevue.  As you know, your industry is extremely competitive and thus we will only take one Bellevue Plastic Surgeon client on – besides, there’s only one Best Plastic Surgery Bellevue and it should be YOUR business.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I can answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Socially Yours,


Stacia Loo, President
Stacia Loo International

(425) 344-0978




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