• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

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Tack logoBellevue-based Snap Skout, a media technology startup that intelligently connects businesses and consumers through relevant online content, today announced it is changing the company name to Tack. The name change is effective immediately and will better reflect the company’s mission to help local businesses stay firmly on the map.

In addition, the company is also announcing the launch of its new advertiser product, also called Tack, at the Seattle Interactive Conference. Tack helps small businesses connect with new customers by automatically converting social media posts into online ads – and placing them adjacent to relevant publisher content.

“Our team has built a product that allows local businesses to quickly and easily promote themselves online, while providing consumers with recommended social content that is timely and relevant,” said Aaron Goodin, CEO of Tack. “Tack takes everyday social posts and transforms them into online ads that will be featured on highly-visible, local publications. Since our technology matches the ads with relevant article content, it requires minimal effort from the advertiser and provides small businesses with a premium ad placement they may otherwise not have been able to afford.”

Tack uses natural language processing (NLP), location optimizing and other technology to ensure posts show up next to the right content on its network of local publishing partner sites – including Seattle Magazine, SFist.com and MyNorthwest.com. By placing ads in real-time and in a relevant context, consumers are better able to discover and engage with the business.

Businesses can quickly and easily integrate Tack into their social networks to begin producing free online ads. Once Tack is activated, it will automatically choose the best posts to promote, and then transform those posts into social ads – that will be displayed at the bottom of online articles throughout the web. Ultimately, messages are placed in front of an engaged audience, at exactly the right time and place. Tack’s publisher partners can increase their reader engagement by offering their readers useful ads and the product opens up a new source of income.

“This is the future of online advertising,” Goodin said. “By taking already engaging social posts, turning them into online ads, and placing them directly in front of consumers, we are able to help our local business partners connect with new customers, while helping to drive an increase in revenue for publishing partners.”

About Tack

Launched in 2013, Tack (formerly Snap Skout) is a media technology company dedicated to helping local business promote themselves online through timely and relevant recommended content. The company’s product automatically converts social media posts into online ads and places them adjacent to relevant content. Tack helps advertisers reach new customers with no additional effort, and increases reader engagement and revenue for publishers.