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Andina’s Longtime Peruvian pepper farmer, Stefan Bederski, visits the restaurant to tell the story behind the ingredients

Portland, Ore. – (March 2016) The Platt-Rodriguez family will host a four course dinner on Tuesday, March 15th, that celebrates the flavors of Peru and the long term partnership between Andina and their special guest and farming partner, Stefan Bederski of Agro Topará. Each course will feature products grown on Bederski’s farm that provide authentic Peruvian flavors in beloved dishes at Andina. The dinner demonstrates Andina’s commitment to sourcing and the cultivation of direct trade relationships, in turn showcasing traditional Peruvian raw materials such as potatoes, peppers and cocoa, all in a new light. These carefully sourced Peruvian ingredients will be paired w
ith seasonally available produce and proteins from the Northwest, including Nicky USA and sustainable seafood purveyor TwoXSea.

Stefan Bederski is a third generation German-Peruvian farmer and steward of the farm, Agro Topará in Southwestern Peru. Agro Topará cultivates Andina’s essential Ají peppers, including Ají Amarillo, Ají Panca, Ají Mirasol as well Rocoto peppers and Maiz Morado, or Peruvian purple corn. Agro Topará has provided organic, fair trade produce to Andina for over a deca
de. Bederski will be visiting Andina from Peru to discuss his partnership with the restaurant, how the peppers he produces influenced ancient Peruvian cuisine, and how his oasis of a farm functions using irrigation canals originally developed by pre-Incan coastal cultures to grow organic fruits and vegetables in a desert. Discover the stories behind Andina’s menu while sampling an array of the restaurant’s delicious Peruvian food.

1314 NW Glisan
Portland OR, 97209

6:30 PM, Tuesday, March 15

Four course dinner $65 per person, not including beverages and gratuity. For reservations, call Andina at (503) 228-9535.

About Andina
Andina, owned by the Platt-Rodriguez family, draws inspiration from the native culinary traditions of Peru, as well as from the contemporary cooking by some of Peru’s leading chefs. Andina’s kitchen team collaborates with owner Doris Rodriguez de Platt to develop a menu that celebrates the restaurant’s Andean roots with an emphasis on Novo-Peruvian cuisine. The kitchen sources native and local ingredients to create dishes at once traditionally rooted and personally inspired. Naturally healthy elements of Peruvian ingredients and cooking methods also enables Andina to offer a variety of menus to fulfill gluten free, celiac, vegetarian and vegan needs without sacrificing taste. The lively scene in Bar Mestizo features an extensive tapas selection, Latin-American cocktails, a raw bar and nightly live Latin-inspired music. Andina is open for lunch, dinner and happy hour and is located at 1314 NW Glisan in Portland, Ore. Call 503-228-9535 for reservations. Visit www.andinarestaurant.com for more information. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @andinaportland and Facebook at Andina Restaurant.