• Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

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This morning I was on an online video conference between Salesforce and Mark Cuban with A LOT of other people. In the chat section, I posted that I would link to anyone who emailed me a link to their website. The chat was moving fast, so I do not know how many people actually saw it, but I did receive one link.

The one link that I received was from Kelly Mallon Young from Naperville, Illinois who sent the link to Sisters Rising Worldwide. Sisters Rising Worldwide is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota and is a non-profit focused on supporting women who are truly changing the world.

A small group of visionary nuns met to imagine how to unleash this untapped global potential for good.   Technology was the answer! They thought. what if we offered Sisters one place to communicate their projects and overcome the challenges of geography, language, and Separate Congregations? What if donors could focus their support and join trusted nuns on the ground and together address real needs?  That vision turned in Sisters Rising Worldwide.

BTW – I’m still looking for one single non-profit to hook up with a free Non-Profit Success Pack from Salesforce – including up to 10 licenses and my time to install, customize and train your people on how to use it to reach more people in more ways and keep track of all the ways that your people have contact with your donors, supporters and volunteers. Some companies charge up to $15,000 for this installation, set-up and training.

Secure my Salesforce services while you can – I look forward to working with and for you.