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San Diego’s Fresh Healthy Vending Showing Strong Franchise Sales to Start 2016

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FHV logoSAN DIEGO, CA–(Mar 3, 2016) – Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. (OTCQB: VEND) announced today its February 2016 results and once again showed significant sales, and an increasingly growing franchise network.

On the heels of an already impressive January, which included 106 machine sales to nine new franchisees, representing $1,091,500 in deferred revenue, the Company added an additional 104 machines among eight new franchisees and one existing franchisee representing $1,053,000 in deferred revenue. In addition the Company expanded its brand visibility securing 88 new key locations for its franchisees. This growth represents an increase of $1,186,650, or 124%, over the same period in the prior year.

“Our success so far in 2016 is a direct result of the message we have chosen to send to the market. Solid franchising principles such as careful location procurement, combined with industry leading support on all levels is what Fresh Healthy Vending represents. We believe this coupled with our ability to continue identifying new technologies and trends that allow our business sustainability and longevity, is what prospective franchisees are looking for. It’s why they partner with us,” said Nick Yates, Chairman of Fresh Healthy Vending. “As the numbers continue to grow for Fresh Healthy Vending, expansion remains the key to our success.”

The Fresh Healthy Vending locations team secured 88 new franchisee locations in February, with over half of these locations being education facilities. Expansion through
critical key location partnerships such as the University of Oklahoma, who signed for six healthy vending machines in February, is imperative to our franchisees’ success as we continue to expand our brand into the nation’s largest education, health care and corporate institutions.

For more information on Fresh Healthy Vending, the franchise program, or to receive a free healthy vending machine in your school or business, visit www.freshvend
or call toll free 888-902-7558.

About Fresh Healthy Vending

Fresh Healthy Vending, based in San Diego, California, is North America’s leading healthy vending franchisor. Fresh Healthy Vending pioneered the concept of vending machines stocked with tried-and-tested fresh, healthy snack options to serve the growing market of health-conscious consumers. The Company has over 240 active franchisees throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, and continually looks to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who share its vision.

The Company has booked over 2,900 machines for placement in schools, universities, hospitals, community centers, military bases, airports, fitness facilities, YMCAs, libraries and many other locations.

Fresh Healthy Vending’s stock is traded on the OTC Markets, Symbol: VEND.