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Ashford University’s Leader Development Grant (LDG) Program Proves Great Success

Ashford University logoAshford University’s Leader Development Grant (LDG) is designed to assist Ashford’s corporate partners in offering education options that can help them develop and retain their employees. The LDG program, when combined with a partner company’s tuition assistance program, allows eligible students to earn their degree without student loan debt. Students who are eligible for the grant will have their educational costs covered by their employer, in addition to tuition for all eligible courses, course materials, technology fees, prior learning assessment fees, and graduation fees paid for.

To date, Ashford’s LDG program student enrollments have increased more than 70 percent since 2016. In addition, upon review of all the credits completed by LDG students and estimating the average debt per credit for non-LDG students, it is estimated that the program has helped LDG students avoid more than $60 million in debt. The program helps corporate partner employees avoid debt, provides degrees associated with the Forbes brand, and gives students a quality, affordable, and accredited education that conveniently fits the work-life balance.

One of the corporate partners currently participating in Ashford’s LDG program is California-based Hunter Industries, a family-owned global company that manufactures irrigation, outdoor lighting, and dispensing solution products. Hunter Industries has been a corporate partner in Ashford’s LDG program since June 2015 and currently has 28 employees participating in the LDG program. Reyes Cabral, the 500th graduate of Ashford’s program, recently received his bachelor of arts degree in supply chain management through the LDG program while he was employed as a warehouse supervisor by Hunter Industries.

“Ashford’s LDG program is a great opportunity for companies to develop and better their employees,” said Cabral. “If it wasn’t for Ashford’s LDG program, I wouldn’t be here today. The program is a win-win for everyone and gives students the knowledge to use it and apply it. I plan on using my Ashford degree to its fullest.”

“We congratulate Reyes on having accomplished a great milestone in completing his degree from Ashford,” said Scotty Oliver Lombardi, Hunter Industries’ senior manager of talent management. “Hunter Industries is proud to partner with Ashford in a LDG program that allows working students to pursue their education and excel in their careers, the program has been very beneficial to talent engagement and retention. We’re equally proud of our employees who’ve also graduated and of those who are pursuing degrees, benefitting from this partnership.”

“Ashford’s Leader Development Grant is a truly innovative strategic partnership program within the higher education sector,” said Michael Rolnick, vice president of strategic partnerships at Bridgepoint Education. “LDG is a great benefit to both the corporate partner and employee, as it provides the opportunity for educational development and skill growth for the employee and retention for the employer.”

For more information on Ashford University and the Leader Development Grant program, visit https://www.ashford.edu/tuition-financial-aid/corporate-partnerships/ldg. To view Reyes Cabral’s LDG 500th graduate interview, visit https://youtu.be/y5LzXLuKhPs

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