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Being The Best In Business – 6 Pivotal Tips From A 40-Year Business Veteran

Bill Learner iPark CEONEW YORK CITY (March 15, 2016) – Everyday, ambitious and optimistic individuals of all ages are catapulting into the business world. Whether it’s entrepreneurship or hoping to flourish in an already established setting, there can never be enough advice and motivation when it comes to succeeding. Bill Lerner, CEO of iPark, New York’s largest family and privately owned parking facilities, and founder of the philanthropy Billy4Kids, has worked tirelessly to take his family business from a small side of a gas station for parked vehicles to nearly 150 impressive locations all across New York. Through his diligence and dedication to his craft, as well as his active involvement in non-profit work, he also created a charity focused on giving back to those in need, specifically children in underprivileged regions without basic necessities.  

As a 40-year veteran in a thriving profession, Lerner looks back at his past experiences and offers six crucial tips for those with an insatiable hunger for success:

  1. Be perceptive to the always changing landscape of the industry. Before making any decisions, financial or otherwise, make sure you are aware of the fluctuations that can and will be happening in your industry. There should be a strong sense and vision for what might transpire as a result of that decision. Especially when it comes to purchasing garages or land here at iPark, call it intuition, but using perceptiveness has been an invaluable tool when it comes to making big choices.
  2. Commit to your mission. Without commitment and confidence in your company’s mission, it can prove to be difficult down the road due to lack of passion. If there’s something missing from your business, work to edit or alter it until you are satisfied with your idea and prepared to share it with the rest of your team.
  3. Choose solid people as your team members. Speaking of your team, having a strong group of people working with and behind you is vital when it comes to an effective business. Choosing key players who are hardworking, creative and trustworthy can make an immense difference. Specifically at our iPark facilities, we focus on hiring the right individuals to get the job done. From garage attendants to corporate executives, it is essential to have a well-oiled machine for optimal results.
  4. Be willing to work harder than everyone else. It is no surprise hard work is on this list. To avoid sounding cliché, working diligently, digging deeper and exhausting all your efforts into your business is crucial. Your devotion coupled with perseverance will undoubtedly shine through thick and thin.
  5. Make every experience, even the negative ones, count. All too often it is easy to get discouraged when a plan does not yield desired results, but instead of regretting your mistakes, take the most valuable aspects and learn from them. Doing so will benefit you both professionally and personally.
  6. Get involved with your community. If and when you can, it never hurts to take a step back and be a part of the community by volunteering or charitable acts. Making an impact can strengthen not only yourself, but those around you. Billy4Kids has especially brought an incredible amount of joy, perspective and humility that have proved to be beneficial in and outside of the business world.

Through these six tips, Lerner has successfully navigated through the business world and has lead his family’s 60-year-old enterprise towards constant achievement. Proudly continuing to operate iPark privately with major focuses in customer satisfaction and technological advancements, not to mention his future plans for Billy4Kids, Lerner is proud and humbled by his accomplishments and hopes to encourage others to follow suit.

About iPark

Founded by Jack Lerner, Imperial Parking Systems, now iPark, has been in the parking business for over 60 years, and is currently New York’s largest family-owned parking garage. Imperial Parking Systems began with a single 25-car lot and Lerner’s commitment to service and attention to detail. Decades later, iPark stands as a growing monument to the vision of its founder. With over 100 parking facilities throughout metro New York – and still growing – iPark is a pinnacle of service in the parking industry. www.ipark.com.

About Billy4Kids

Founded in 2013 by Bill Lerner, also known as Billy Lerner, and Alexson Roy, Billy4Kids is a nonprofit organization established to provide shoes for underprivileged children around the world. Parasitic diseases affect 740 million people worldwide, with chronic hookworm in children leading to impaired physical and intellectual development. With the main emphasis on prevention, Billy4Kids provides thousands of kids per year across the globe the proper shoes to help reduce the potential of debilitating injuries and incurable diseases. www.billy4kids.org