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Super cool fruit babies that Stacia's friends made for her baby shower.
Super cool fruit babies that Stacia’s friends made for her baby shower.

Baby Shower Today for Stacia Kennedy

The day before yesterday marked just three weeks until the much anticipated arrival of Ava Kalea.  Today is just 19 days and tomorrow 18 …  You get the idea.  We are anxious and very excited.

It seems not so very long ago, when we started trying to increase the size of our family.  At that point, sex became more than making love – it was so very different and foreign.  Attempting to do something that was being avoided for so very long.  And after those very intimate moments in a hotel room in Michigan, very soon after Thanksgiving, we were super hopeful that my swimmers were still good and that I was not shooting blanks like many after 50 years of age.

We were so anxious then that we went through six or seven pregnancy tests.  We, and by we, I mean mostly me, were so excited that we could not wait to find out (and share) our great news.  Stacia, as usual, was much more patient than I.  I think at points, she was a little frustrated by how impatient I was – and probably was tired of peeing on a stick.   Neither of us knew if we could actually make a baby for sure – but we’ve done it.

Less than three weeks and she’ll be here!  Yes, Ava Kalea could arrive late – but the other day, she actually agreed that September 16th would be a great day for arrival – and we all agreed that 3pm would be a great time for it.  So mark this on your calendars – September 16th at 3pm.  Of course, Ava may change her mind.  People do that – even before they’re born – and that’s ok – but at least we have a target.

This afternoon, Stacia’s friends from work are throwing her a baby shower.  So very kind of them – and I know that Stacia is really looking forward to it.  Don’t think that I will attend this one, but may make an appearance, and looking forward to seeing all the ‘cute’ little girly baby stuff.  What’s cool about this for me is that after this shower, we will be able to create a list of all the baby stuff we have – and everything that we’ll need.

If you are a parent – especially a recent parent, I’d love to hear from you about what your favorite baby invention is.  I have an early favorite, but it is a holdover from almost 14 years ago when Jacqueline Nataliya Kennedy was born.  There is a lot that has changed in that time, so let me hear from you.  What are the coolest, newest baby products that have been invented in the last 10-15 years?  Comment here, or send me an email and I’ll write about your suggestions in a future post.  Until then, we are praying for a very healthy and happy Ava Kalea Kennedy and will expect to see her on September 16, 2016 at 3pm – or whenever she decides that it is time ….