Driving to the Hospital in Labor

This morning we got to take the drive of our life – down I-805 to UCSD Hospital in Hillcrest – while Stacia was in labor … and less than a few hours from giving birth to Ava Kalea.   Sorry about the terrible camera work …

Ava Kalea was born at 9:54 am, September 7, 2016.  She weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz and is 19 and 3/4 inches.  Both mother and daughter are healthy and resting comfortably.  Thank you for all the warm wishes!

Ava Kalea Kennedy

Rx Sex During Baby Watch: 13 Days and Counting

Rx SexRx Sex: Frequent Intercourse Prescribed to Prepare for Labor

Just 13 short days until the anticipated arrival of Ava Kalea Kennedy and we need to have Rx Sex.  Of course it could be any day now – or she could choose to stay inside mommy’s belly a little longer (although the doctors have threatened to induce if she doesn’t arrive on time).

At her doctor appointment the other day, Stacia was given a list of things that could help both mother and baby prepare for delivery.  At the top of the list (at least the first thing Stacia mentioned) was frequent intercourse.  Although our sex life had been extremely active during Continue reading “Rx Sex During Baby Watch: 13 Days and Counting”

Baby Watch: 15 Days Konos Pacific Beach

Today is September 1st and only 15 short days until Ava Kalea is due to arrive.  We had breakfast at Kono’s on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach on the patio overlooking the ocean.

Very much looking forward to the arrival of Ava Kalea – and it could be any day now …

Baby Watch is On: Ava Kalea Due to Arrive in 17 Days!

Monkey Baby’s Momma and I are super excited for the arrival of our new bundle of joy, Ava Kalea.  She’s due to arrive in just 17 short days – and we are stoked!

Patience is not one of my strong suits and the other day, I just had to buy a couple of domains for her.  AvaKaleaKennedy.com will forward to AvaKalea.com where I will post all of her photos, milestones and stories.  Check back soon for a way to subscribe there so you can keep up with our littlest princess.

BTW – I also re-purchased Jacqueline’s old website domain, JackieKennedy.biz and a domain for Makaya as well, at MakayaLoo.com.  I have not set those up (yet), but may be doing it soon – with or without their permissions.  😉


Pregnancy Countdown: 19 Days Until the Arrival of Ava Kalea


Super cool fruit babies that Stacia's friends made for her baby shower.
Super cool fruit babies that Stacia’s friends made for her baby shower.

Baby Shower Today for Stacia Kennedy

The day before yesterday marked just three weeks until the much anticipated arrival of Ava Kalea.  Today is just 19 days and tomorrow 18 …  You get the idea.  We are anxious and very excited.

It seems not so very long ago, when we started trying to increase the size of our family.  At that point, sex became more than Continue reading “Pregnancy Countdown: 19 Days Until the Arrival of Ava Kalea”

Pregnancy Countdown: 29 Days and Counting Down Arrival of Ava Kalea

Pregnancy CountdownPregnancy Countdown: Ava Kalea Due to Arrive September 16

Stacia Kennedy’s Pregnancy Countdown has officially begun!  So hard to believe, but yesterday marked 30 days until Ava Kalea Kennedy is scheduled to arrive to our world!  It seems like just yesterday when she was still just a (unnamed thought) and twinkle in our eyes.

Stacia and I were married less than a year ago and although we had discussed having another child (our first together), we still were not certain we were going to make it happen.  Personally I felt that it might be too difficult being such an old (experienced ?) dad.  Difficult for Stacia and for Ava.  Well, Ava did not get a vote (although there are A LOT of people who feel like children DO pick their parents).

Stacia wanted us to have a kid together, as she was alone when pregnant with Makaya and she did not get to experience having a child as a partnership.  She is my Queen (and Jackie and Ava are my princesses) and I want her to be the happiest person on the face of the planet, so I put aside all my concerns and decided to just go for it.  What the heck, you only live once – right?

This pregnancy countdown could turnout to be very interesting.  Were super excited to find out that Stacia was pregnant!  So excited that we went through around 7 different pregnancy tests before we got a positive result …  But after first going to the doctor and having it confirmed that she was pregnant, we both kind of thought that their prediction for a due date was a bit late ….

That tidbit of information, combined with the fact that Makaya was born nearly a month earlier than predicted, makes me feel like anything could happen – and that Ava Kalea could decide to make her appearance sooner than later.  At pretty much any time …  Only time will tell and until then, we will do our best to be like the Boy Scouts and Be Prepared.

Regardless, tomorrow is Stacia’s last scheduled ultrasound before her due date – and we are definitely looking forward to seeing Ava Kalea again ……  and the pregnancy countdown continues …..

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing and for your amazingly positive thoughts and vibes!

Baby Shower for Stacia and Ava Kalea on August 28th

Baby ShowerBaby Shower Scheduled for Stacia and Ava Kalea Kennedy

Baby shower will make mom feel as special as she is.  Today marks 34 days until Ava Kalea Kennedy is scheduled to make her first appearance.  Stacia and I are both super excited – and it seems that lots of friends and family are sharing in our excitement.

One of Stacia’s bosses at Fortune Builders is planning on throwing her a baby shower on Sunday August 28th.  This is really super cool Continue reading “Baby Shower for Stacia and Ava Kalea on August 28th”