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Staples Survey Reveals Western Small Business Leaders are Optimistic about 2015

A recent Staples’ small business survey conducted online by Research Now of 252 small business leaders in the West (AZ, CO, ID, NM, MT, UT, NV, WY, AK, CA, HI, OR, WA) revealed the pulse of small business in the region. Highlights:

  1. Onward and Upward: The majority of Western small business leaders (89%) are optimistic about the year ahead.

  1. Results Driven: Western businesses showed they are focused on results, with increasing revenue (73%), driving profits (71%) and gaining more customers (69%) rating as the top three business goals for 2015.

  1. Taking Action: To achieve their 2015 goals, promotional marketing (50%), better organization (38%) and product and service expansion (44%) rate as the top tactics small businesses in the west plan to use.

  1. Manage Costs: (29%) of small businesses plan in the western region plan to increase technology use to help manage business costs.

  1. Improve Marketing: Compared to other regions, Westerners are more interested in improving marketing efforts. In fact, (49%) of small business leaders want to stop spending money on ineffective marketing and promotional campaigns this year.

  1. Better Customer Service: More than two thirds (69%) of businesses in the west want to attract more customers, and more than one third (37%) want to retain current customers longer.

  1. Invest in Employees: One third of Western small business leaders (33%) report they want to provide bonuses to their employees as part of their 2015 plan, and (30%) said they want to give their employees a raise.

  1. Bargain Hunters: The majority of small business leaders in the West are bargain hunters both at home (85%) and in the workplace (81%).

  1. Rewards: Most Western small businesses leaders (79%) want to use vendors that offer rewards and points that can be used toward future purchases.

  1. Raising Productivity: Compared to other regions in the U.S., small business owners in the West recognize that upgrades of computer equipment would have a positive impact on their employees.

Methodology: The Staples 2015 small business survey was conducted online within the United States by Research Now between January 3 – February 6, 2015 among 999 small business leaders in each of the four regions (Northeast, Midwest, South and West).