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SolutionsIQ and the Agile Coaching Institute (ACI) Announce Partnership Agreement

Agile Coaching InstituteAgile Coaching Institute and SolutionsIQ Partner

SolutionsIQ and the Agile Coaching Institute (ACI) have formed a partnership under which SolutionsIQ will offer ACI team coaching courses throughout the United States. While improving the distribution and availability of ACI offerings, SolutionsIQ will strengthen their own ability to provide development to coaches in the Fortune 500.

“We are delighted to announce this advance in what has been for years a highly collaborative relationship,” said Charlie Rudd, Redmond-based SolutionsIQ CEO. “The Agile Coaching Institute is far and away the leading developer of Agile team coaches—not only in terms of number of trained alumni but also in creating the standard for team coaching that has been embraced throughout the Agile industry. Their curriculum and teaching methods dovetail beautifully with our established and growing presence in coaching and coach development for our client organizations.” 

Michael Spayd, Agile Coaching Institute CEO, was enthusiastic. “We are proud to be partnering with SolutionsIQ with their vast consulting experience and commitment to work with our exacting quality standards in training delivery. The partnership will bring the benefits of coach development to a much larger market. In addition, ACI will be able to expand our coach training curriculum and to launch specialty organizational transformation services.”

Team coaching emerged as a practice when Agile became established as the most effective way of producing quality software. Today team coaching is generally recognized as the single most effective method for developing Agile teams. In the last decade SolutionsIQ has established its position as the largest pure-play Agile consultancy in the world with hundreds of Agile coaches, trainers and consultants on staff. The founders of ACI, Michael Spayd and Lyssa Adkins, were instrumental in turning what started as a chaos of ad hoc activities into an established discipline that integrates practices from the fields of executive coaching, facilitation, and adult development. Combining these strengths, SolutionsIQ and ACI continue to work together to advance the profession of Agile team coaching.

ACI’s industry-leading core curriculum for Agile coaches fulfills the ICAgile Coaching Track learning objectives and leads successful students to ICAgile learning certifications. These courses are The Agile Facilitator, Coaching Agile Teams, and the Agile Coach Bootcamp. SolutionsIQ will offer these courses publicly as well as privately to SolutionsIQ clients and consultants.

About SolutionsIQ

SolutionsIQ is the world’s largest pure-play Agile consultancy, providing Agile transformation and innovation solutions for larger scale business and technology organizations. Our Agile Transformation Solution delivers enduring business agility by applying a comprehensive transformation program that integrates Agile values and principles, scaling patterns, change management, and the development of Agile teams, leaders, and managers.

About the Agile Coaching Institute

The Agile Coaching Institute is the thought leader in the development of the Agile coaching profession, offering training for Agile coaches, ScrumMasters, and other Agile team leaders. ACI workshops have been continually refined over the past 6 years, utilizing feedback from thousands of students in hundreds of instances of the classes taught around the world.