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Hero or Part of the Problem?: California Stay at Home Order Day 4

Are you a hero or part of the problem?
Heroes or Not?

Oh man (and/or woman) – I’m really trying to stay positive and look for all the good things that can come out of this super difficult situation.

I’m working on myself – trying not to comment on conspiracy theories or the huge amount of political mud slinging from all sides. I’ve been trying to encourage others, offering help where ever I can – and asking people to Love Everybody. There is no one person out there who cannot use a little more love and compassion. You never know how much good a kind word or a simple smile or positive message can help someone during this tough time.

Considering everything, I feel like I’m doing an okay job – and staying positive while not having a job, not being able to pay my bills and not knowing how long this situation is going to last. I am very thankful to have a roof over my head and food for my family to eat. VERY thankful. And still looking for people and non-profits to help …

Still the same, I am very conflicted and feel frustrated and helpless. You see, I have some relatives who are continuing to work and go out into the public each and every day. These are people who live in one of the areas where there is a huge problem with Covid-19. In fact one of the first areas to be declared an emergency area. These are people I love and care about very, very much.

One of these relatives works in healthcare and has been working with people who have tested positive for the virus. I’m not smart enough to know if this person is at risk to get the virus, if they already have it – or if they are potentially spreading it to other patients – or their family when they go home. To me it seems like this person and all people who continue to work in healthcare with no real regard for their own safety are indeed true heroes. At the same time, I could make the argument that they should be taking special precautions and not risk spreading it at home – or in public – or at the grocery stores.

Another relative works in a grocery store. Three days ago, this person found out they had been working with someone who tested positive for the virus. The grocery store has remained open – apparently without regard to the health and safety of their customers, other employees – or the public in general. This person had to make a decision to keep showing up at work – or not. They had to decide whether it was more important for them to help in keeping the grocery store open – or to help prevent the potential spread of the virus.

Unfortunately (at least in my mind) they have decided to play the ‘hero’, ignore the fact that they have been exposed to the virus and that they could be potentially spreading this virus to their customers and beyond. Despite being exposed, this person continues to go to work, with close contact to hundreds of customers each day – and apparently feels like they have to. It makes me feel sad. And angry. Extremely angry.

Still another relative is not a healthcare or grocery worker. Still the same, they continue to go out in public, even visiting hospitals in a non-essential capacity. This person may or may not have been exposed to Covid-19 – but apparently feels like they have to continue to make money – regardless of the risk to their health, their family’s health – or to the general public. I care so much about this person, but really cannot understand this mentality. For someone who is normally so careful and calculating, this behavior seems so risky and erratic.

In the end, I really hope that each and every one of these relatives – and all the people they come in contact with, never contract this Corona virus. I care about them in a BIG way and do not want them to get sick. I know that everyone needs to make their own decisions – but in these times of uncertainty about a invisible enemy we don’t know enough about, I urge them and everybody to exercise an abundance of caution over the need to play hero – or to make some money. The rest of us are depending on you to make the right decision. We are all in this together.

For the past 3+ years, my main income has been through driving rideshare – with both Lyft and Uber. For this entire time, I have had people coughing and sneezing all over me – often not even covering their mouths. For a couple of weeks I kept changing my mind – is this virus serious enough to not drive and risk spreading? – or do I need to earn for my family and help people who need rides to get around?

Over a week ago, well before the state of California was put on lockdown, I decided that no amount of money is worth risking exposing my family to the virus – or the risk of spreading it through the general public via any riders who may have been exposed. Am I being too careful or paranoid? Or is this the proper attitude to take?

I was very surprised that my post from yesterday, Routines, Systems and Fasting: California Stay at Home Order Day 3 has gotten well over 100 views. I hope that in the future that I can get more engagement, comments and feedback. Any ideas you can give me to be more engaging are very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, the family routine of getting up early (5am) for a family walk, was derailed this morning by getting to bed late last night – and rain this morning. I’m still thinking that this is going to be a super productive day and keep hoping that this will be the day that I can do things to help others – and provide lots and lots of value.

Before I go back to the activities of the day, I did want to mention that I successfully made it through my fast yesterday. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun – but was well worth it. I did get very hungry and more than a little irritable around 2pm, but I took a short nap and got a little exercise and by the end of the day I was feeling great. So great that I have decided to fast this morning until noon (I guess in reality, I’m simply skipping breakfast ;-).

Thanks for reading, please comment if you have something to say – and remember to love everybody!

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