• Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

Our Great Awakening

Exposing the Scams of the Global Elite #WWG1WGAWW

Jackie N Kennedy w Dicks shake 013005This is the first post on the ‘new’ website for Jacqueline Nataliya Kennedy.  I built her original site back in 2003 when she was just a few hours old.  A few years after her mother and I divorced, her mom got mad and forced me to take it down.

Well, now, after I got remarried last year she’s got it so Jackie won’t even talk to me or answer my emails.  She will not even acknowledge cards, gifts or letters.  VERY, very sad.  It’s especially sad, because Jackie now has a little sister, Ava Kalea who is not quite 4 months old – and needs her big sister very much.

I miss Jackie so much and just want her to be well and be happy.  My ultimate goal is that she will see this site – her site and get back in touch.  We want her in our lives – and would love to have her living here with us in sunny San Diego.

I will be posting here a bunch of pictures of Jackie – although I don’t have any current ones.