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Happy 15th Birthday Jacqueline Nataliya Kennedy

November 21st 2003 was undoubtedly one of the happiest days of my life.  I witnessed the birth of my first born – Jacqueline Nataliya Kennedy.  Jackie was born just up I-5 at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas.  Her mom was a champ and the entire staff was pretty awesome.  It was a great experience.

The only downside that I remember at the time (besides being super low on sleep for many months), was that my face hurt bad for a long time – from smiling so much …

Today (actually tomorrow as I write this), Jackie will be 15 years old.  I still cannot believe it – my little baby girl is 15 and will soon be driving …  I’m so proud of her – she’s smart, attending the highest ranked high school in Washington state – Nichola Tesla High School in Redmond, WA.  She’s also tri-lingual, fluent in Russian, Spanish and English.

Although I don’t get to see her or even talk to her nearly as much as I’d like, she seems to be a normal teenager, preferring to spend time with her friends over time with her family.  She has been what I call a “mall rat” for many years now – in fact she was the one who introduced me to Tesla cars at Bellevue Square around 5 years ago …

She even has a boyfriend, who attends the same school and from what I hear is also very smart.  I still have not seen pictures from their homecoming dance (but that does not mean I will quit asking for them).

I feel very lucky that Ava Kalea and I got to fly up to the Pacific Northwest in October to see Jackie.  She’s very busy and didn’t have a lot of time for us, but it was great to see her.  Ava really looks up to her big sister.

I’m still holding out hope that we can convince Jackie to come down here and visit us in sunny San Diego sometime soon.  It will be great to be able to show her around her old neighborhood.

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!  I hope you have the best birthday ever and that all your best dreams come true!