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WanaCaps Makes Proprietary Delivery Options Available to Medical Marijuana Industry in Other States

ByJoe Connector

Jul 27, 2015
Many states who have legalized medical marijuana are limiting smoking and edibles as inappropriate for medical patients. Delivery options such as the recently launched WanaCapsXR offer a palatable alternative for states that have legalized cannabis for medical purposes, but will only allow it in non-smokeable forms such as capsules or oils. WanaCaps is the world’s first extended release cannabis capsules offering a proprietary formulation that provides medical marijuana benefits to patients for up to 12 hours. WanaCaps launched last month and is now available in every region of Colorado with plans to expand into key medical marijuana markets, including Florida, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona, through licensing agreements.

“There is an enormous need for medical delivery options in the medical marijuana market, particularly states that want medicine to look like medicine,” noted Nancy Whiteman, co-owner of Wana Brands. “Wana Brands is looking for partners who have obtained the appropriate regulatory licenses to help get this important delivery option into new emerging markets.”
Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states, but 15 of those states have limited the regulation to low THC -high cannabidial (CBD) products for medical purposes only. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. WanaCapsXR feature a proprietary extended release formula available in three different ratios of THC and CBD so that patients can select the formulation that best meets their needs and preferences. WanaCapsxr High CBD Capsules, a 10:1 CBD to THC ratio capsule is the ideal solution for states who have only approved low THC and high CBD products.
Many medical patients prefer not to inhale cannabis. Similarly, some patients find the effects of edibles too strong or too variable. For those patients, capsules are an ideal ingestion platform and WanaCapsXR is the perfect way to ensure a consistent, gentle experience. Additionally, WanaCapsXR are formulated to be highly bio-available so patients feel the therapeutic impact quickly, and the effects last up to 12 hours, eliminating the concern of frequent dosing.
Medical marijuana patients who have used WanaCapsXR have noted positive experiences treating symptoms from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, migraines and intestinal disorders. The extended release formula is optimal for medical patients who are looking for the benefits of medical marijuana but do not want the uncomfortable side effects such as disorientation and dizziness.
About Wana Brands

Wana Brands leads the Colorado’s edibles and medical marijuana industry in quality, consistency and potency. Since 2010, Wana Products has made marijuana infused products including custom hash, vape oil, a full line of edibles, and now WanaCaps, a family of extended release cannabis capsules that provide medicinal benefits for up to 12 hours. Based in Boulder, Colo., Wana Products also provides a variety of equipment, packaging and consulting services to the cannabis industry. For more information, visit www.wanaedibles.com. Become a fan of Wana Products on Facebook. Follow Wana Products on Instagram.