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Next Exit History Launches Summer Road Trip Through America’s National Parks

ByJoe Connector

Jul 27, 2015

Cool New App Next Exit History Gives History Lessons on Road Trips

Next Exit History (NEH) is a free GPS-based mobile app developed by University of West Florida (UWF) faculty researchers in partnership with Historical Research Associates, of Missoula, that provides information on more than 60,000 historical sites around the world. The app unites all generations, spanning iconic historical locations from the birthplace of hip hop to the Alamo. Next Exit History is putting their app to the test as they have collaborated with a UWF summer class that is road tripping cross country visiting America’s greatest treasures, her national parks.

The exploration is in preparation for the 2016 Centennial of the National Park Service. The class will have the privilege to work with rangers, interpreters, wildlife experts, and environmental managers across the parks in creating interpretive content for the gaming feature of the app—History Hunters. “Olympic and Mount Rainier are two of the most expansive and diverse national parks in the Pacific Northwest. The fact that you have Seattle, an incredibly diverse metropolis nestled in the middle, makes this one of my favorite cities in the country. My two personal favorite locations featured in the app are the gothic Bell Apartments and Pike Place,” said UWF graduate student, Stephen Chase Oswald.
The NEH app preserves Washington’s historical landmarks for future generations. “Washington has a unique history, both the physical nature of the state and its heritage. We know that there has been a disconnect between technology and protecting our cultural traditions. We’ve developed a solution for that and hope to work with organizations like the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, a group dedicated to protecting the past and shaping the future,” said Dr. Patrick Moore, lead UWF professor on the tour.

Next Exit History (NEH) is an innovative mobile app that aims to showcase the history and culture of over 60,000 sites globally to the exploring public. NEH is a collaborative project between the University of West Florida and Historical Research Associates, Inc. (HRA). For more information, visit www.nextexithistory.com