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Joe Connector is Back – No Thanks to Go Daddy

ByJoe Connector

Feb 11, 2015

Go Daddy SucksSome months back while I was on vacation in Hawaii meeting my fiance’s family and seeing friends, Go Daddy took it upon themselves to cancel my hosting account and I lost access to all the files for many, many websites that I had developed over several years.

GoDaddy cancelled my hosting account – AFTER they hijacked a couple of my domains and I complained about it.  Still to this day, they have forced me to renew domain registration – because they have not allowed me to transfer all my domains.

Go Daddy used to be a cheap and reliable domain registrar and hosting company.  I will never give them another penny (or spend my time thinking or writing about them) ever again.  Just be forewarned:  GoDaddy screwed me, a long-time high volume customer and Go Daddy will screw you too.

At any rate, Joe Connector is back – and back with a vengeance.  Cannot wait to share some of the cool stuff we’ve been up to …  Right after I get Luxury, Fitness, Fun and Joe Abs back up and running.  No GoDaddy – you cannot keep Joe Connector down – be gone with you.